Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BCPD arrests 22 in reverse prostitution sting

And not one of them was from Haughton/Princeton!
You can read the roll of honor at The Times.

UPDATE: Head baseball coach at Benton High School among those arrested.


  1. Jim, I'm pretty sure that a bunch of them lived in Haughton/Princeton area.

    They had just not got their driver's licenses swapped over yet, or filed their change of address.

    Or, just outright lying.

  2. Andy, you're probably right. Just for a brief moment I was so proud of that area . .

  3. Where is the PIC of the Police officer that deluded these poor men capture by their hormones. I am expecting the major blog of NW Louisiana to give us the goods to see if she was smoking or the guys desperate :)

  4. I'm just waiting for the day when two separate agencies make these kinds of arrangements and arrive to arrest each other.
    As for the major blog, I wasn't sure if you were referring to Andy or yourself!

  5. The head baseball coach at Benton High School in Bossier Parish is among 22 people who have been arrested in a prostitution sting by police.

    Gregory Bryant, 38, has been removed from coaching duties but remains employed as a tenured teacher while the matter is investigated by school administrators, a school system official said. From KTBS.

    Sad. He was an example to his kids as a coach, now he will be a different type of example. And what about these peoples families? A persons choices don't just affect him. It affects others around him.

  6. I noticed Men and "Women" arrested. And they are from all over the place. Did these people drive here from those places like north carolina to get busted?

  7. Darrell, thanks for the tipoff on Coach Bryant, just went to KTBS and read it.

  8. With people being murdered in their own homes, the police could find better use of their resources than staging entrapment of losers who pay for sex.
    I am against any type of sexual immorality, but people have been doing it since they were created, and most people are going to keep doing it.
    Nowadays they are all doing it free, so I don't understand how hookers can stay in business. Maybe it is just the police hookers that are still in business.
    I don't pay taxes in Bossier City, except sales tax on everything that I buy there, and I sure hope the sheriff's department is not wasting the taxes that I pay them on this sort of nonsense.

  9. Realist, if you are aware of anyone being murdered in their homes, please by all means, call the police. You may be withholding some valuable information needed to solve such a horrible crime.

    But in reality, have you ever thought that by arresting someone for a nuisance crime may lead to information to help solve a crime where someone was murdered in their home?

    Please leave policing to the professional.

  10. Anonymous, I am an American citizen, and I am entitled to hold my libertarian viewpoint and to freely express that opinion in any forum open to men. No, I will not, as you say, leave policing to the professionals, because we, the people, are the employers of the "professionals". No employer is going to get what they pay for if they just leave it to the employees. If you are not aware of people being murdered in their own homes, then you must not ever turn on a TV, read a newspaper, or look at a website. I will continue to object to the outrageous waste of the money that the government takes from me in such enterprises as this two week operation to entrap sexually and socially dysfunctional citizens.

  11. What really gets my goat about this is that when you read the list, only three of them are from Bossier. A few of them are from Shreveport, but the Bossier police spent my taxes to get on the worldwide web and entice people to come here from all over Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and as far away as Wilmington, North Carolina. I guess they will all have to hire local attorneys, and maybe the lawyers are behind this. If they get jail time, the local taxpayers will have to pay for the bed and board of these misfits they talked into coming here for fake sex. It is all just an outrageous waste, and we deserve better in Bossier City.

  12. Yo Reaslist, are you really that ignorant or is it an act? Last I checked Bossier City only had one murder this year, and no, they don't have anything better to do with their resources but catch criminals.

    I am glad you dont pay taxes in Bossier City, we don't want you there. Bossier City crime vs. Shreveport crime, where would you want to live?

  13. Allegedly Coach Bryant was removed from Haugton to Benton because he was messing with the high school girls. This man definitly has a problem. I pray he finds help.

  14. Realist, since you're such a liberatariann how about letting the whores and drug dealers do their business in your front yard? There are people in this city who don't want that sort of stuff going on. Freedom and liberties are great but remember this, you're rights, or your right to waive them, ends where mine begins. Also remember this, with liberty comes responsibilities. There are people in society who don't care about the rights of others or about their responsibilities that came along with those rights, so we have laws to keep those type of people in check. To throw out the laws and claim lioberataianism is just plain absurd.


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