Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bossier City council meeting to call for election to replace Knight

The Bossier City council is expected to call for an election to replace James "Chubby" Knight, who has resigned effective March 31st.
The election will be held this fall with the other scheduled elections.
As soon as the seat is vacated on March 31st, the council will appoint a replacement to fill in until the election.
Although the council will be taking resumes for the position, it appears in reality that two names are coming up in discussion.
First, Dr. James Rogers, who held the seat until he retired and Knight was elected will likely be favored by  Don Williams and Jeff Darby.
Larry Hanisee, who lost the race to Knight, is also in the running.  Knight won the race with 557 votes to Hanisee's 507.
I am told that Dr. Rogers has agreed to serve until October if asked by the council. 
Hanisee, whether chosen or not, will probably run for the seat in October and would be in a good position to win in either case.
In the meantime, we will be doing some posting on the City Marshal's race which is coming up on April 2nd.


  1. Good old boy network at work as usual. Austin will probable be elected since he is an insider. Will Bossier City ever change?

  2. Chubby was stupid, hope he gets replace with somebody that has common sense and some kind of intelligence. Hope Bossier City will change, for the better. Hope it starts with Sammy Wyatt.

  3. I wonder if they will even look at the other resume`s? Nahhhhh.

  4. Isn't Austin running for Marshal?

  5. I know Austin is running for Marshal. When I said he would probably be elected I should have said "elected City Marshal".

  6. The City Council Seat, should be filled with someone that truly has the people that they represents, best interest at heart. They should know what it is to lead by example and should know how to face tough decisions with their head held high. It would be nice for some of these councilmen to have served their country, as well! Why is the media already naming whom will replace Knight, as I thought they were still excepting resumes!
    The last I heard, Tommy Harvey had put his name in for the North Bossier Council seat....
    If anyone knows Tommy Harvey, he is a USAF Retired,
    CMSGT, he owns the UPS on Airline Drive and he would be a go getter and a sound voice for the people of North Bossier!
    Good Luck, Tommy...if the council knows what's best, they'll step away from the good ole' boy system and appoint whom is best qualified for the people of their district!!!

  7. He might be an excellent choice. Other people who are well qualified may submit their resumes also.
    You need to address your concerns to the council, they alone will make the decision.
    I'll stick with my prediction however, that one of the two former councilmen will be chosen.

  8. This Harvey fellow sounds like a fine man. I've never met him, but he sounds well qualified.

    I'll mention it to my Councilman.

    Bubba, I know you're reading this. So, consider it mentioned.

    Your friend, Andy

  9. I know James night had a stroke, but does anybody know his current situation.


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