Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Charges against Catherine Lowe upgraded to 1st Degree Murder

Catherine Lowe, the stepmother Celeste Lowe, the five year old who died last week, has been charged with 1st Degree Murder in the death of the child.
Lowe and the child's father, Wesley Lowe, were both charges last week with Negligent Homicide.  The child had been gravely ill overnight and the father and stepmother refused to seek medical attention.  When they finally took her to Willis Knighton Pierremont, she was already dead.
Bossier Parish Sheriff's investigators have determined that Catherine Lowe was with Celeste during the time the injuries occurred last Wednesday afternoon..  They have verified that Wesley Lowe was at work during that time period.
Wesley Lowe is still charged with Negligent Homicide.


  1. I pray justice is served here. There is no form of life lower than someone who would treat a child like this. If they are proven guilty I hope they both die a slow painful death.

  2. The coroner said that her stomach was severed from her intestines. This was a horrible violent crime.

  3. She should get the death penalty for her crime, I hope she suffers like that little girl suffered. Give the witch the needle.

  4. As I read your article, the article from ktbs and another article from the newstimes in monroe, i do believe this has to to be one of the most horrific things I have ever heard. It just breaks my heart.

  5. I think they should plead her guilty to life in prison. Lowe's own children would have to testify against her in a 1st degree murder trial. I am sure they are already traumatized, and putting them as the main witnesses against their mother, where the mother may be executed by the state is not right. Let her suffer a long slow death at St. Gabriel. No more children should have to suffer as result of this monster.

  6. Catherine has a history of abusing children and it never got reported because the parents were busy blaming each other (same as this case). I hope life in prison is shat she gets as death would be to easy! I feel for Catharines (cat) kids because abuse and abandonment are the only things she has shown them. She is a junkie ( meth,pills,pot) and abuser, a murderer!


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