Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meth in salt shaker at Webster Parish prison?

Two inmates died within a week at Bayou Dorcheat Correctional Center in Webster Parish, one 43 years old and the other 50 years old.
The Times is reporting that the autopsy said that it was natural causes, that both men had a heart attack.
The Times quotes Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton as saying "The doctor said it was natural causes. … It was just coincidence that we lost two in such a short period of time," Sexton said. "They didn’t know they had bad hearts. They were not under treatment. One had suffered a heart attack two days earlier and didn’t know it."
He added, "I guess you could say we’re relieved, not that got two men are dead, but that nothing happened inside the facility that added to or caused their heart attacks."
Not so fast.
KTBS is reporting today that a substance believed to be methamphetamine was found in a salt shaker, during a search of the facility. It has been sent to the crime lab for analysis. The story doesn’t say where the salt shaker was found, but if it was in a public area that the two men had access to, it could have contributed.
Speed kills, as they say.
It may very well all be coincidence; hopefully a full investigation will reveal the truth.

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