Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Carl Wayne Richard announces candidacy for City Marshal

Carl Wayne Richard, Bossier City native and Shreveport Deputy City Marshal, announces his candidacy for the office of Bossier City Marshal.
Richard has served as a deputy city marshal for Bossier City and Shreveport since 1992.
With nearly two decades of law enforcement experience and his day-to-day working knowledge of the City Marshal’s office, Richard feels he is the only qualified candidate for the job.
“I have spent my entire career as a deputy city marshal,” said Richard. “No other candidate in this race has that experience. I love the Marshal’s office, I respect the important service it provides to the court and the citizens of Bossier City, and I will work night and day to make it the best.”
Richard promises to do “more with less” and to continue the highest level of professionalism the community expects from the City Marshal’s office. Under his leadership, Richard pledges that the Marshal’s budget will be reduced and its commitment to the community increased.
“I pledge to execute the orders of the court in a timely fashion, with respect for the court and for the citizens it serves,” added Richard. “I plan to increase the community involvement of the City Marshal’s office by maintaining a positive presence in the schools and businesses while remaining fiscally responsible and reducing the Marshal’s budget. I will provide more continuing education and in-service training opportunities within the City Marshal’s office to ensure that our deputies meet the highest standard for you, the citizens of Bossier City.”
The Bossier City Marshal election will be held Saturday, April 2.


  1. I would definetly vote for Carl over Sam or Austin.

  2. I would definitely NOT vote for Carl over Sam of Austin.

  3. Well 6:07pm and 6:21pm, that is why we have elections.

  4. wasn't carl in jail a few years ago or in some kind of trouble?

  5. i was in bossier mall at chick filet and seen this guy cuss an officer for asking him to move his shreveport city car out of the fire lane AFTER the mall asked him to move.

  6. http://www.ksla.com/Global/story.asp?s=8368102&clienttype=printable

    he's been arrested for drunk driving, agg battery, and injuring public documents. This guy has pulled strings to get out. Bad news. I hear he's also cutting the Child Crimes section if elected. Screw the kids I guess. He's also a really cocky guy.

  7. he wasn't arrested for drunk driving that I recall but the other two he was.

  8. Charges were dropped on the battery for insufficient evidence. Also, he was cleared on the other charges http://www.ksla.com/Global/story.asp?S=8887736

  9. Thats true Jim, but he was still arrested for those things. Drunk Driving??? that's not person I'm voting for.

  10. Driving Drunk is a qualification for the job. Geez.

  11. This post is going to be long, so I apologize in advance.

    I wish people would tell the whole truth if they want to sling mud. The DWI that people are talking about was when Carl was a teenager. He made a foolish mistake at the ripe age of 18 years old and paid for it. If you want to hold that against him a quarter of a century later, you have that right.

    Carl was never legally charged with anything else. Dirty politics tried to put him through the wringer twice because of where he worked or who he worked for.

    Back in the not so distant past, there was some bad blood between the Shreveport Marshal and the Shreveport Police Dept. Some of this was due to SPD officers running for the office of Marshal and losing and some of this stemmed from the fact that Shreveport Police did not allow their officers to work off duty at establishments that served alcohol. The Shreveport Marshal did not have this restriction. Many law enforcement officers work part time jobs to make ends meet. The rub was that bars and clubs paid way more for their security and only the marshals could get those jobs. This caused a lot of animosity for a long time. The aggravated battery incident was a result of one of these part time jobs.

    Carl was in uniform working security when the owner asked him to remove a drunken patron who had become violent. This guy put up a fight, grabbed Carl in a bear hug and attempted to get his gun from his holster. Carl was holding a flashlight and hit him in the head with it. The drunk was arrested and taken to jail. Days later, the arresting officer filed a probable cause arrest warrant for Carl for aggravated battery for striking the drunk with the flashlight. This charge was a complete sham and was tossed out. The drunk was found guilty of his charges including battery on an officer. This was over ten years ago.

    The injuring public documents incident occurred about two years ago. It involved three traffic violations the district attorney's office faxed over to be amended to non moving violations. This was common practice for the DA's office. Carl happened to pick up the fax, told the city prosecutor who agreed to amend the charges. Carl wrote what the city prosecutor said on the folders the tickets were in and gave them to a clerk. That was the full extent of his actions. He did not know the people on the tickets at all.

    The previous City Marshal got into an argument with another city official about this incident and kicked them out of his office. This previous City Marshal was set to retire within a few weeks. Within a few days, a probable cause arrest warrant was issued by the police and signed by a judge without ever having a gone through a prosecuting agency. This tainted the outgoing City Marshal's retirement by creating a false air of scandal as was reported in the press. Carl was unfortunately caught in the crossfire. When the judge realized what happened she apologized to Carl's attorney and offered to recuse herself from the case. The DA's office immediately recused themselves because the accusation involved cases they had sought amendments for. The arrest information from the probable cause warrant was given to the state Attorney General who found the claims against Carl to be baseless and no charges were ever even filed. He was completely exonerated by the State Attorney General after a full investigation.

    Those are the facts plain and simple. If you find fault in Carl for either of those situations, that is your right, but at least you know the full story.

  12. I posted this because I consider Carl a dear friend and hate seeing his name smeared by half truths. I know for a fact he would not close the doors on the internet predator task force. He is a family man with kids of his own who he cherishes. I wish him the best in this election and I believe he would make a great City Marshal.

    I don't know the other candidates personally at all, but Sammy Wyatt and Len Austin both sound like pretty decent guys from what I have heard. I wish I would one day see an election where people talk about the good points of the candidate they support instead of trying to tear down the other guys?

  13. It appears Mr. Richard does not understand how to accept responsibility for his own actions. I have learned that he was terminated from the Bossier Marshal's Office in the 90's, and I have asked around about all of the times he was arrested. That is not impressive. Please explain your involvement as part owner of a bar in downtown Shreveport that was raided by the police department, and closed by the city of Shreveport. Mr. Richard, with your history of being in trouble, why should we support you? What makes you more qualified than the other candidates?

  14. Anon 6:06

    You are a bold faced liar. Carl was not terminated from Bossier. He left to go to Shreveport because it was a promotion and nice increase in pay.

    Carl was also part owner of a teen club in Shreveport for a short time. It was not a bar as you stated and he did not sell alcohol at all. The City of Shreveport did not shut it down. The police did raid the place one night. They searched every inch of the club and all the kids in it. There was not one ounce of alcohol or any drugs in the place. The police cited about a dozen kids for being out past curfew which was a brand new law at the time. Those charges were immediately dropped because the kids were indoors in a privately owned business not out roaming the streets. The parents of these kids were furious with the police over this incident. With the new curfew law in place and the threat from police of arresting kids walking out of the club to their cars, business went down hill. So, Carl sold the place to another guy who turned it into a bar.

    I know this first hand, because I was working there the night this happened. It was sad too, because this was a decent, safe place for kids to go instead of cruising the streets.

    So you go ahead and keep making up lies. Folks are tired of this kind of mud slinging crap from people like you.

  15. Carl, quit posting and start campaigning you are gonna need it.

    Go Sammy

  16. I taught Carl Wayne in middle school, and he was a fine young man then as well as now. I have followed him since middle school and know how very capable he is and how decent he is. I am so glad the person posted an explanation of the viscious rumors. I too do not know the other 2 candidates, but I do know this candidate. He would be an outstanding addition void of political play. He is a devoted son, husband, father and friend. My best to him in this endeavor.

  17. Has very little respect from the law enforcement community. Has been very arrogant towards officers in bossier.

  18. Speak for yourself man. I am in law enforcement and I don't feel that way at all. I like the guy and so do a lot of other Bossier officers that I know. I also know and like Sammy, so I won't pick a side between the two. Austin has become a political hack as far as I am concerned. He was CAO of the administration that cut our benefits and laid off officers and firemen. Nothing he can say now can erase the actions he has been a big part of in the past few years.

  19. Lynn Austin is having a fundraiser for $1,500 per person, and $2,500per couple at TELE-COIN a company located in Bossier City off of Viking Drive that provides phone service to prisoners in jail

    Well Mr. Austin if you didn't lose me at $1,500 ir $2,500 which you did'nt, cause I got plenty of $$$ - you did lose me by the location

    So you won't be seeing my or my $$ there

    And I ain;t the only one that feels that way

  20. Is there anyone else running? Looks like we have political hack and Shriner good old boy in Austin, a snake oil salesman in Sammy, and a person with enough skeletons in his closet that would outnumber the skeletons in Hillcrest.

  21. Having moved here recently and coming from a Law Enforcement family, how does being a Policeman and School Security Director make someone say they're more qualified to be the next City Marshal and more importantly expect the Bossier citizens to believe that??

    Apparently Lynn has no idea what a Marshal does. Would seem to me the most qualified person is the one who's been working in the Marshal's Office the last 18 years. That's experience voters can relate to.

  22. This is a joke...Carl Richard is not the person Bossier City needs. We need someone who is honest, self-less and has integrity. Carl is none of those things. You people (or person) talk like there is some sort of conspiracy the whole city of Shreveport had against Carl and framed him for all these incidents. More likely, his greed and arrogance got him into all this trouble and will again. There are numerous other incidents that didn't make headlines but are just as indicative of his character. Everything he has ever been involved in has some sort of questionable activity associated with it. Just ask around...the truth is there.


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