Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spotted Dick

First, check out Opinonated Catholic - he has the link to an article about Buddy Roemer possibly running for president.  Really.
As for the picture, yes, this is real.  A friend put it on Facebook.  I won't give you his name because I know he would be embarassed.  On second thought, he probably won't be, he did offer it to his Facebook pals.  It was Russell Carter.  Blame him, not me.
This stuff is a real product, found it on a Heinz website.
Heinz Spotted Dick Pudding 300g, imported from England. This is a traditional British sponge pudding made with golden syrup, suet and raisins. Best served hot with custard.


  1. Spotted Dick, did ya'? Was Jane there, too?

    I know, "BOO!!! HISS!!!"

    I think Buddy should run for President. I'm just wondering which party he'll run in. I know that he and McCain are tight. John can probably dial him in to a bunch of contacts.

    I always knowed that boy was goin' places!

    Seriously, I'll bet if a "name recognition" poll was done nationwide, more people would know Roemer the 17th century Danish astronomer than Buddy.

  2. I saw that stuff at the Brookshire's on Line Avenue, in the "gourmet" section.

  3. HOLY COW! When I was in the Army I knew a couple of guys who did something they weren't suppose to do and ended up with... Oops, I didn't realized this stuff is pudding. Disregard!

  4. G.R., I'm not going to comment on your comment, but I will acknowledge it. Heh.


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