Friday, January 14, 2011

Sammy Wyatt: I love Bossier City!

Sam Wyatt held his formal announcement for the office of City Marshal on Wednesday.  Here are excerpts dealing with his experience and qualifications.

While on the Bossier City Police Department, I continued to pursue (a) higher level of education to prepare myself for the future by obtaining an Associate of Criminal Justice Degree at Bossier Parish Community College in August 2002, a Bachelor of Criminal Justice Degree at Louisiana State University at Shreveport in December 2003, and Master of Business Administration Degree (M.B.A.) at Centenary College of Louisiana in May 2008.

In 1992 I started my law enforcement career at the Caddo Parish Sheriff’s Office after serving in the U.S. Navy. In 1993 I had the honor of joining the Bossier City Police Department, which is one of the proudest moments of my life. During my career with the police department, I served in several different divisions / units including S.W.A.T., Patrol, Special Investigations, Crime Stoppers, and Criminal Investigations. I also served as the supervisor over the Vice Unit, Crime Stoppers, DWI Task Force, and Evening Patrol Shift. While assigned to Criminal Investigations Division, I served almost 9 years as an investigator in the Juvenile Unit investigating 1311 cases of crimes against children such as homicide, physical and sexual child abuse, child neglect, child pornography, and the sexual exploitation of children. My passion has always been “protecting those who cannot protect themselves.”
During my career with the Bossier City Police Department I was honored with several awards which include the Unit Citation from the Chief of Police in 1994, 1998, 1999, and 2001; Investigator of the Year in 1999 and 2004; the Clyde “Hoppy” Pearson Award for Educational Achievement in 2002; and the Meritorious Service Award in 2002.
In 2006 I was elected to serve as a Trustee on the Municipal Police Employees Retirement System Board of Directors, a 1.6 billion dollar retirement system made up of over 10,000 retired and active police officers. In 2009, I was elected by the members of the board of directors to serve as the boards Vice President.


  1. Hey Mr. Wells

    Can Mr. Austin post his website link on your website?


  2. I heard sammy had nearly 13 people at his announcment ad 2 were media. Awesome ground swell of support

  3. thats because the other few thousand were at work making a living the numbers get counted april 2

  4. Beat like a drum.

  5. What does Beat like Drum mean? Who gets beat like drum?

    Really, Who

  6. Dear Fellow Bloggers:

    When will you all learn that it is futile to resist the powers in Bossier City Hall and Benton Court House?

    Your own resistence is not unified in the fight.

    Therefore, you will all fail and be punished accordingly.

    Starting with the Bossier City Marshal Election and ending with Police Jury Run Offs in Fall.

    Please lay down your swords and submit to the powers that be.

    Save yourself the time and trouble

    Even this board is a tool used by the Powers that Be.

  7. You can't beat the Bossier City Marshals Office. They are all behing Lynn Austin. They know who is going to win - they are the toughest political group in this Parish - their skills taught to them by The late John Wyatt.

    He was the best - and will be replaced by the best -

    The office knows it - everyone in town knows it -

    Good Luck to Sam - and to Jim for promoting Sam -

    But Lynn wins by a big margin - 65% easy - at least that is what the polls are showing

  8. Hey everyone -

    Mr. Austin serves on Port Commission with powerful people who are all behing him

    Mr. Austin was former CAO, Police Chief, BPSB Security Chief -

    He has qualifications to make the Bosseir Marshall Office the Best in the World

    I hope he will upgrade equiptment, put in a protective service division (Like Secret Service), a national fuguitive recovery team (like US marshals), a national child predator task force like NBC news has, and protect our city leaders full time and get a city jet to rapid response to anywhere in the world.

    I hope they will also serve the Bossier City Court papers too.

  9. This website has numerous posts by Sammy Wyatt just a few months ago when Johnny passed away. You said then you weren't going to run for marshal. Your word doesn't seem to mean much.

    Of course I knew you were just posturing back then. You have been talking about running for marshal for years and always thought you could win just because of your name. All of your self righteous, pompous rhetoric about running because of an overwhelming public outcry for you is nauseating. Your tear jerker speech about just wanting to be a public servant even though it will never make you rich is more disingenuous babble. If you really wanted to be a public servant just interested in making the world a better place, then why did you quit the police department? Because you weren't really interested in serving the public when you could get a 6 figure salary working private security for a big oil company. Fact is, you used the generous education incentives the police dept provides to improve the education of their officers to get the degree you love to brag about and then bolted for big money in the private sector. The only reason you want this job is because it pays more than you make now.

    You need to drop the cheesy rhetoric and man up. I think you would get more respect from people without it.

    You don't see Mr. Austin making excuses for why he is running. He announced because he wants the job and thinks he is qualified to do it.

  10. To whomever said that the entire Marshals office is behind Lynn Austin I disagree. Not All; that is a misleading statement. I think it would be safe to say a great portion is behind the other candidate. As far as attendees at Wyatts announcement. His followers where out making a living. Who are you to think this is a determining factor in a race? The numbers will be the determining factor on April 2. Don't count your chickens before they hatch. I am willing to bet Lynn Austin will come in third.


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