Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chubbygate: The Conclusion

Channel 3 is running the story that Bossier City Councilman James "Chubby" Knight is resigning, and in return the DA wil not prosecute.
Bossier City Councilman James "Chubby" Knight will resign and criminal charges against him will be dismissed under an agreement between Knight and the district attorney, his lawyer said Tuesday.
Knight's resignation will be effective March 31.
Knight's lawyer, Joel Pearce, said the district attorney's office has agreed to drop bank fraud charges that allege Knight, 60, cashed a counterfeit sweepstakes check last year knowing it was worthless and also cashed two fraudulent money orders he had received in a "secret shoppers" scam.
Complete story here
Pearce had told The Times at the time of the arrest that "This is all driven by the Bossier power bosses . . . . that machine wants you to know if you cross it, ... it will erase you, even your memory."
He must have forgotten.


  1. Why is the DA dropping the charges? Knight's resignation should have nothing to do with it. If he broke the law prosecute him just like the average person would have been!

  2. If I were an innocent man, then why am I taking a deal and resigning if charges are dropped. Guilty men make deals, innocent men take the fight. That's just how I see it.

  3. 6:23pm, you say why would he take the deal if he is guilty, and on the other hand, I wonder why the DA is dropping the charge if he is guilty.
    It seems obvious that what this was about was simply getting Chubby Knight out of office.
    If he was a threat to humanity in the first place, then resigning from the office to which he was duly elected is not going to neutralize that threat.
    Criminals need to be locked up in prison. Politicians need to be voted out of office, not removed from office by malicious prosecution.

  4. Seems like everytime Marvin is in the news, he makes it sound good but it smells bad. Being on the city counsel and having an alleged criminal charge are exclusive events, period. Either he was never guilty and the DA didn't have a case in the first place and he used this to get chubby out of office and he was spared further embarassment, or he was guilty and they had a case but marvin leveraged his power for political reasons, either way marvin is the inverse of integrity. If there is another reasonable explanation I would love to hear it, but knowing how Marvin distorts the truth even when video evidence contradicts him like in the sentell case, I have a hard time not seeing him as a political bully, manipulator, and disgrace to the criminal justice system-time for a DA with integrity.

  5. I started to write a long comment, but I'd just be restating what's been said already.

    When I read this, my thoughts were much as the others have written.

    Things like this make me scratch my head, though. It's a circle. If he was guilty, he should have been prosecuted. If he was not prosecuted, then he's likely not guilty. If he's not guilty, then why resign?

    I'm fuzzy on this. I think I need to go to that secret vault at the CIC, and see if they can run that memory eraser in reverse on me.

  6. Why is he staying until March 31st, so they can't elect a replacement in April election?
    Just wondering

  7. I think it's already to late to get into the April 2 election, I will check on it.

  8. I might consider running! Why not apparently you don't have to be a brain surgeon for the job.

  9. So Jim, what say you?

  10. I understand that the city council will accept resumes for the position and will make a choice after March 31st, when Knight leaves office. This person will serve until the fall elections. What remains to be seen will be whether they will choose someone who will just serve out the few months and go home or whether they will give someone of their choosing a step up on the fall election.

  11. I think its great we have a DA that is willing to stick his neck out and leverage his position to keep Bossier a better place. Marvin could have pressed the charges and got a conviction and chubby would have received probation, instead we get this man out of political office, and I think everyone agrees this was a good form of punishment for someone in power. Well done!

  12. Anon at Jan 18 @11:18:
    "It seems obvious that what this was about was simply getting Chubby Knight out of office."

    Knight is the one who went to 3 banks seeking to cash a bogus check. It wasn't a conspiracy against him, unless he was conspiring against himself. I think it's a reasonable solution.

  13. Dunno, Jim. I really kinda' tend to fall on the side that Mr. Knight's City Council position shouldn't have been up for grabs in this deal.

    Sure, he should have resigned for being either stupid, or corrupt. But this kind of plea deal just bugs me a little.

    I mean, it's not like he was using his influence as a City Councilman for personal gain, or anything.

    I'm still not sure about it. But, it is what it is, and I really haven't followed it closely enough. So, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.

  14. Loveable Larry Hannisee will be here soon to entertain us all. Just watch and see.

  15. I'm embarrased i voted for a guy who has an IQ of 84 and falls for the Nigerian check scam.

  16. Jim, I don't disagree that Knight's actions were either criminal or stupid. Marvin claims he was confident in the evidence and that he would prevail at trial. So lets assume Marvin is correct and Chubby committed a criminal act. The law mandates that he either be prosecuted or the charges be nol-processed. I find it silly and imcomprehensible that any community member could accept that Marvin can accept a resignation as a bargaining chip to not move forward in a criminal prosecution. Perhaps this is a new precedent being set forth by marvin in Bossier Parish. "If you are a politician and get a DWI, assault a police officer, try to cash bogus checks, simply resign your position and all charges will be dropped". REALLY? What about us poor country boys? Guess we are out of luck.
    You used the term "reasonable". I guess my question is do you mean its reasonable considering the totality of the circumstances, or reasonable as a rule of law? Because the last I checked the statutes in Lousiana didn't have any special sweet heart deals for city counsel members.
    Don't put a marshmellow on the cow terd jim.

  17. I meant reasonable as to the totatlity of the situation. As to the law, I'm not a lawyer. I do know that the DA has total power to decide what is and is not prosecuted.

  18. Marvin did a good job here. Its not always about getting a conviction, its about cleaning up the city. he has done that with this "deal". Chubby was smart to take it. I wish Shreveport would do this.

  19. The conclusion is that Chubby suffered a major stroke. All the stress of this think aided to stroke him out.

    Sad that this is what this City and Parish have come too.

  20. Look to see who his replacement is -

    another team player i'm sure

  21. I guess his cigs had nothing to do with it?

  22. What did the city have to do with this? His problem was between he and the DA.


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