Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dempsey promoted to second-in-command at Bossier Sheriff's office

Sheriff Deen congratulates Undersheriff Dempsey
Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen on Wednesday promoted Chief Doyle Dempsey to the rank of Undersheriff.
With the promotion, Dempsey, 44, assumes the position of being the Bossier Sheriff Department’s second-in-command. The new Undersheriff was hired by Deen in March of 2004, and since that time he has steadily moved up from deputy to sergeant to lieutenant to captain to major to lieutenant colonel to chief.

“Doyle Dempsey has excelled in everything we have asked him to do,” said Deen. “I have total confidence in his ability to handle the job of Undersheriff.”
The Bossier Sheriff’s Department becomes the first agency in Louisiana to include the position of Undersheriff. The rank was created by Deen, who says Dempsey will have complete authority to run the Bossier Sheriff’s Department when Deen is away on sheriff’s department business.
“I am deeply humbled by Sheriff Deen’s decision to promote me to the rank of Undersheriff,” said Dempsey. “I am excited about what lies ahead as we seek to continue to provide around-the-clock safety for the wonderful citizens who live, work and worship in Bossier Parish.”
“Undersheriff Dempsey is a man of great integrity,” said Deen. “I have no doubt he will represent the Bossier Sheriff’s Department with honor and distinction.”
The promotion is effective immediately for Dempsey, who lives in Bossier City with his wife, Michelle, and his two daughters, Caitlin and Regan.


  1. Now we know who is the chosen one.

  2. This guy was hired in March of 2004and he has achieved all of these ranks in such a short period of time? You gotta be kidding me. I know people in Law Enforcement who have more than 20 years of service and they have not been promoted this fast. Please, explain to the public why this guy is so great?

  3. I can explain anon 7:19. I used to work for the sheriff. The reason why Dempsey has moved up as fast as he has is because he is the deacon of a local church. I know that might sound crazy, but that is the criteria for promotions at the Bossier Sheriffs Office. Just ask most any "regular" deputy that works there. Doing a good job means nothing at the Sheriffs Office, it's all about if Larry Dean knows you or your daddy. I have personally watched many drunks driven home that were contributors to Deans or were good friends of Dean. Dempsey is a good guy, but there are several people within that office that are far more qualified to do the job Dempsey just got. The citizens of Bossier have know idea the crazy things that go on at that place. If they did Dean would be out of office.

  4. I don't know Dempsey or Deen, but I am 60 years old and have spent a lifetime watching cronyism and corruption of every type. So I would be willing to bet that it is not just that Dempsey is the deacon of a church, but that it is a mega-church or if there are a small number of members, they are people of great influence and/or wealth. It is not just who you know, but what those you know can do for Boss Deen.

  5. I was told Deen's wife is the minister of a church. I wonder if Dempsey has a connection there?

  6. I just know I'll be berated for saying this, but I think Chief Dempsey is actually the right man for the job of Undersheriff. I've worked with him through Operation Exodus and met with him several times through my involvement with the Tea Party.

    Chief Dempsey has always been forthcoming, provided every document and scrap of information I've requested in a timely manner and answered all of my questions. He's a good leader.

    That being said, it doesn't exempt him from scrutiny or tough questions.

    Let the flogging continue.

  7. certain female Anon (who has yet to identify herself) is gonna bust my chops. But, this is an interesting comment thread, and I would like to subscribe to it without offering any opinion...because I don't have one.

    So, I am commenting just to subscribe to the comments. THERE!

  8. Dempsey may be a good officer and a good man, but is he so much better than everyone who worked for Deen before 2004? Is he the only one in the dept qualified for the job, or is cronyism in fact at work here? I believe that to do well while working for Deen you must be well connected. He is the consummate politician not a lawman and his opponent should be considered when voting for sheriff.

  9. Does anyone know the previous Undersheriff - ha - there is none and never has been one - it is a completely made up position. Dempsey is a good man - but what the hell is an Undersheriff -

  10. It seems he also appointed an "Inspector General" some time ago. I understand he makes over $100,000 a year doing this. Our tax dollars at work or being wasted?

  11. Hey Mr. Kartman -

    Do you think McConnel can beat Mr. Deen or do you think Mr. Dempsey will be a candidate this time?

    Scary, all these elections going on -

    I mean we have State Rep coming up and police jury and all those -

    Kinda crazy how stupid the population of Bossier really - they keep voting these people in that really don't spend our tax money wisely.

  12. You can not beat the Powers. Bossier City Hall is united behing Deen.

    Benton Courthouse is united behind Deen and Dempsey.

    D&D is unstoppable

    Stop Resisting - Resisting is Futile

  13. anon at 1:46

    I believe that you are correct. Deen has a lot of backing plus most voters do not pay attention to what is going on in politics. Name recognition(Larry Deen) is the most important thing to them and they will vote for him. We have the worst president in history because people did not pay attention to his ultra liberal ideas. He was a good speaker and a lot of people thought it was cool to vote for a black man.

  14. Not everyone at the Bossier Parish Courthouse is for Deen. We all now how Deen works if you dont go to his church where his wife is the so called minister and we all know who runs that show, "Mr Deen"....I hope Mike McConnell gives our Sheriff a run for his money. yes our Sheriff Larry C. Deen has the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputy's running erands for the Church on Sheriff's office time. what are we running a Sheriff's Office or Church Service?

  15. This McConnell fella, what is he all about? I remember a few years back, he was on the news all the time being a detective with the Shreveport Police. He seemed to know what he was talking about. I have spoken to others who like and respect him... mostly local police officers and the sheriffs who ride out here around my house. Deen has burned too many bridges and I think a big change is coming and Deen will be retiring.

  16. I understand that the Sheriff passes out promotions like he's passing out candy. I've been listening to my friends for years and have heard so much bull s**t that goes on there. I believe at other agencies you have to be there for a long time before you are even promoted to a SGT but not at the BSO you can take a male (who has never gone to the academy) and make him a Lieutenant making over $77,000.00 and let's not forget the secretary who had no other previous titles and is now a Lt. Colonel making close to $115,000.00 a year!!! Like I said he passes it out like candy where do I get in line for some of that candy? And of course we now have an UNDERSHERIFF! What the hell for? I heard that Deen was going to run again and if he decides to retire then he will put Doyle in his place and that's why he created that position so Deen can put in who he wants. How in the world did that ever get passed? Someone has some deep pockets. Seems to me that there is alot of positions at BSO that has been CREATED, why? Those positions can be elimanted and the salaries could certainley be used elsewhere. Come on now people does Bossier Parish need to pay for a $115,000.00 secretary!!! I think not!!

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