Friday, January 14, 2011

Wesley Lowe had Protective Orders against child's mother

Wesley Lowe

Catherine Lowe
UPDATED: 2PM - Bossier Undersheriff Doyle Dempsey says 'likely' that charges against Lowes will be upgraded. Dr. Chandler says that child could have been saved with timely treatment. Father didn't want to seek help because he had been charged with abuse in Nebraska in 2008 and didn't want that to come out.

On September 29th of 2010 Wesley Lowe filed for protective orders, on behalf of the child, against the child’s mother, alleging that the mother had temporarily given up her rights to the child until an investigation into alleged abuse was completed.
Lowe has been arrested for negligent homicide of the child, as well as for possession of drugs.
Lowe stated that the mother, although told by Child Protective Services not to have contact with the child, showed up at the child’s school in Bossier wanting to know why she wasn’t there, and then went to BCPD in an attempt to get the child.
The Protective Order was granted effective until October 26th and then extended until November 16th and then again until January 4th, 2011 and finally until January 25th.
On December 22nd, the mother filed for contempt of court against Lowe, stating that he had not allowed the court approved supervised visitation at Louisiana Boardwalk. A hearing on this motion was set for January 25th.
And now the child is dead and the father has been charged with negligent homicide, as well as possession of Schedule II and Schedule IV CDS. It appears that the system was doing its best to protect the child, acting on the information at hand.
The information at hand, of course, did not include the fact that the father had drugs in his home. A lot more will be developing in this case and we will post information as it becomes available.


  1. Were these two arrested for something sometime in the past? My memory is not that reliable, but I think I have seen the names and faces in the news before now. It is very sad what happened to the little girl, and it sounds like the few years that she was allowed to live was not a very happy time.

  2. I haven't been able to find any previous on them. The woman worked in a daycare.


    an article from Monroe about the mother.

  4. Darrell, thanks for the link.

  5. Man, this story is so sad. Darrell, thanks for the further info.

    There's always a "he said/she said" in custody battles, but looking on the surface one would think a bit more research should have been done.

    Sad. It's an evil old world, with a bunch of rotten apples. I'd like to say something more profound, but nothing really comes to me. I just KNOW that this little one is at peace with Jesus, and at least THAT settles my spirit.

  6. Since I live halfway between these 2 cities, i follow the news from both.

    Andy, I feel the same. This whole story just sickens me. And after reading the article on ktbs about it, I was even more sickened. And yes the one comfort is that this sweet little one is where she can receive no more horrendous treatment and can be loved on by the one who loves us the most.

  7. Catherine twenty five years HA HA
    Wesley Scott Free I dont think so.
    and The Corrupt District Attorney of Bossier Parish. Marvin Schuller well He knows!!!!!!


  8. What a ""Dastardly Dad"" you are Wesley Lowe father of
    Angel Anna Celeste Lowe


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