Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sheriff Deen draws first opponent in 20 years

Mike McConnell, a former Shreveport Police detective and Bossier Deputy Sheriff, has announced that he is running against Sheriff Larry Deen this year.
It will be interesting to see who (if anyone) among the current power structure comes out in support.  I don't know McConnell, but I have to agree with nearly every comment I've heard to the effect that there is no way Deen will be defeated.  It will take deep pockets to even make a credible run for the office.
Going into this election cycle, Deen has approximately $500,000 in his campaign coffers. 
Again, until we see whether or not McConnell has a power broker in his pocket and some financial resources lined up, it's hard to see a real race develop.
This is not a swipe at McConnell, just reality as I see it. 


  1. he does have a website!!

  2. Are you talking about Lary Deen the career politician? the one who has been cooking his books and has several law suits pending on him for things like extortion, harrassment, and discrimination? Dont worry my friends (no sarcasm meant) a hell storm is coming Deen's way he is just to arrogant to notice it.

  3. I don't know anything about McConnell but if he is a good lawman, I hope he beats the politician.

  4. I think everyone should consider this man for sheriff - it is time we had a change - in addition to many public scandals and abuses of the taxpayers with their overpriced toys, salaries, benefits and overstaffing - its time we had the office shaken up, scaled down, and deadwood run off

  5. The truth about bossier sheriff department. Deen is an unbeatable politician and the public loves him. However the public does not see behind the scenes at the sheriff deparment. They see the posse members riding in marked sheriff cars and think Deen is great because he is giving grandpa something to do besides sitting at the house. In reality they are not trained and are putting themselves in harms way without the proper training and knowledge. The public see two women in patrol cars and assume sheriff department has patrol women. In reality Deen does not allow women on patrol and those two women serve papers for the civil division. The women are no longer allowed to even respond to calls for service. Not only is that discrimination but it also put male deputies in harms way when dealing with female suspects. It is hard for a male officer to pat down or search a female suspect for weapons for officer safety without worrying about harrassment suits from the female suspect. The new opponent mention on his website that there is only 6-8 midnight shift deputies. That is an over statement; try 4-5. Deputies are told not to visit casinos and bars while off duty. The same casinos that help pay for Deen's impire. Deen also takes the sate supplemental pay that is pay to the officer and puts it into a fund, collect interest, and then distributes it to the deputies in their pay checks. The deputies do not get the interest earned on their own money. All surrounding agencies the state supplemental is sent directly to the officer by the state. The new undersheriff has only been in law enforcement since 2004. He has only worked in the civil department. He might have been on patrol for a short time, and rumor has it he told a FTO don't worry about training him because he won't be on the road long. Rumor has it that Deen is going to step down and try to push the new undersheriff for sheriff. Deputies know in the department to get promoted you have to do Deen's dirty work, go to Spirit Wind Ministry, Central Assembly, or be close friends to Deen's finicial backers. It is time for a new sheriff but until the public becomes aware of the power hungry career politicians, things will never change. Time to push state legislation to implement term limits especially for positions of such power. Our four-fathers foresaw that before term limits were implemented and step down after two terms.

  6. Hey the salaries for BSO were posted in the Inquistor were printed on Friday. The Inquisitor says they are going to post Caddo Parish and Bossier Parish policy jury salaries. Jim, why don't you post that stuff here on your website..????????

    Also, need salaries of all public offices of Courthouse posted on here

  7. If you send me a link or an excel file or something, I'll post it on our Tea Party site.

  8. Hey Jim and Matt -

    Post a blog about the Bossier DA Salaries - these are part time lawyers getting full time wages

  9. Salaries in Inquisitor - Bossier parish DA and truancy center

    WOW - I wanna be a secretary at the Bossier Parish District Attorney Office

    BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  10. Jim - why are you not posting a blog about DA adn Sherfi Salries

  11. r u afraid of overloading the comment box

  12. Has Deen officially announced his reelection campaign?

    Also, if anyone has anything relevant to local politics which they want posted, sent it to and we'll post it on our website (

  13. This comment is in reply to "anonymous's comments on January 13th concerning the Bossier Sheriff's Dept. Posse. The Posse program was modled after a program developed in Sun City, AZ by Sheriff Joe which has proven very successful to this date.
    The men riding Posse, you said are "untrained". Are you aware that over half of the Posse members are Military Retirees, that means Air Force, Marines, Navy and Army, and some are in the Reserves at this time. Some flew rescue missions in Viet Nam, or helecopters for the President of the United States; Air Lifts out of Germany; fought in more than one war for your rights to remain free and live safely in the United States. These are not bored, older gentlemen, they have an instilled need to serve their community, including your safety. Many maintain a Conceiled Weapons Permit and are trainted in the use of their weapons. Some others are full time Ministers of churches, others may be part time. They pay for their own uniforms and maintain a strict dress code.
    The responsibility to their community is instilled in them and they continue to serve as long as they are able, one man, who is deceased now, rode Posse when he could only sit, could not walk and he continued his service and watched over your house and belongings while you were at work, if you do work??
    I just hope you will re-think your attitude toward, at least, the Posse program with the Sheriff's Dept.
    I know there are things wrong, but the Posse is NOT one of them. Most of them are just still serving their country on a more local level than they are used to. They do give up a good portion of a day to ride in your community, and probably check your house while you are gone on vacation!!
    I do not mean any disrespect in the above, but could not hold my response any longer.

  14. While we are in ellections, Julian Whittington is supposed to run to. He is the one that SHOULD have been the UnderSheriff and has worked under Larry Deen for many, many years!!!!

  15. I find it amusing that after 20 years Deen is retiring, especially after he draws his first opponent. If Deen is suppose to be so great and wonderful and a hero to Bossier, why throw in the towel now? Maybe because his opponent is an honest, ethical, hard-working man? A man whose word is his bond? A man who heart is for the people and not his pockets? A man who genuinely wants to serve the people of Bossier and not promote his family and friends? A man who wants to build a better future and quality of life for the residents and future families of Bossier? A man that Deen knows he can't win against because McConnell has nothing to hide? I don't believe Deen is retiring to take care of "family" as he stated in his retirement speech. If that was truly the reason, then why didn't he retire years ago to take care of his "family" when they needed him the most then? If his heart is not honest about his own family and loved ones, how can he be honest toward us constituents? Deen's practices and ethics make me raise the questions about how much corruption has gone on while others swept it under the carpet? Well, I think it time to replace the carpet. I'm in full support of change and voting for a new sheriff in town! McConnell has my vote.

  16. I do not wish evil on anyone, but yes, it is true. A true narcissistic to the most mental extent, abuser of power and of ALL people. No one gets a free pass from his abuse. If you are in his path; sooner or later, you will get run over, trampled, and then discarded. His miranda is to control thru fear.

    We do pray that he can experience humility which is what is in his best interest in the grand scheme of things.


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