Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benton Exterminator TV Star arrested for Pot

It was more than a roach that got Ricky Lee Bertherton this week. TMZ is reporting that Bretherton -- one of the bug fighters on the A&E reality show -- was arrested on April 10 in Leesville.
According to Leesville PD, officers approached Bretherton's car and located a "quantity of suspected marijuana as well as a container that had more suspected marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia."
Bretherton and a female passenger were each arrested. Bretherton was charged with felony weed possession, felony drug paraphernalia possession and a traffic charge.


  1. But, can he get rid of YOUR roaches?

  2. Andy,
    I doubt Jim has the type of roaches Ricky was trying to exterminate in Leesville.

    It sounds like Ricky likes the one he But if can kill one at at time or gather and roll them up as one, and set them on fire.

  3. Excuse the error, I was trying to say, "It sounds like Ricky likes the ones he can kill...."

  4. Ah and having a personal amount of weed is a felony in Louisiana; that's ridiculous!

  5. Yes, having a personal amount of weed a felony is ridiculous. I love the idea of having someone high as a kite when mixing chemicals that will be used in my house.

  6. Well, Anon at 6:01, make sure that the guy mixing chemicals to be used in your house hasn't bought, and chugged a "completely legal" fifth of Wild Turkey before he gets there.

    Or, maybe even a six-pack of Bud as a chaser.

    I'm sure he'd be MUCH MORE RELIABLE.

    Look, I know what you're saying. Nobody wants impaired folks out on the job...or on the highways. It is a hazard to us all.

    And honestly, I do not know what level of weed possession, or paraphernalia constitutes a "felony" charge in Louisiana. Never smoked a joint, and never intend to.

    But, I know that NOBODY will be charged with a felony if he has four gallons of Jack Daniels in his vehicle...even if he plans to go home and drown himself in it.

    If Ricky was "high" while driving...yeah...go ahead on and lock him up. But, if he just had the junk in his possession, and was not under the influence while driving his vehicle...well, he's no more guilty than a guy that owns a liquor store. Maybe less...

    I've always been stumped as to why marijuana is considered worse than liquor. I've heard the "It's a gateway drug" argument. Well, isn't "Coors," or "Southern Comfort?" Why are those "gateway" drug users not equally penalized?

    Regardless, I hear you, and know where you're coming from. I don't want druggies around my place, either...while they are partaking.

  7. yeah. what andy said.

    also, can anyone explain how any individual person will be better off after this arrest? or how this prevented harm to any individual person?

    i can think of lots of people it will harm - ricky, his family, his co-workers, the people who pay the taxes that pay for the prosecution, the people harmed by real criminals who remain at large while we spend limited resources on pot - but no offsetting benefits.

    this is government waste, that's all.

  8. Good show! Free the man!


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