Monday, April 12, 2010

Vice President of the African-American Chamber of Commerce of Shreveport-Bossier arrested on felony theft charges

Adrienne Lynnette Davis, 43, of Shreveport has been arrested on felony theft charges.
Police said Davis` company, Minority Suppliers and Contractors, was hired by the Bossier City company last September to broker the purchase of promotional key chains from a Missouri company.
The key chains were delivered and the Bossier City business paid for them, but the Missouri company didn't get the $30,000 it was owed, police said.
Complete story at KTBS

According to the Secretary of State's corporations database, Minority Suppliers and Contractors is a trade name registered by Affinity Construction & Demolition, LLC, which is owned by Davis. The LLC is not in good standing due to failure to file annual reports.


  1. Minority leaders are held to a different standard.

  2. To who ever worked this case, job well done. This has been long over due.

  3. What different standard are they held to? Not breaking the law? I think all should be held to that standard. If she broke the law then so be it.

  4. Sick of the ExcusesApril 13, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    Anonymous 11:13,

    You just don't understand. You have to take into account the envrionment the minorities come from. Come on, get some compassion. ;)

    In the mean time, blueshorseshoe, get real!

  5. So you think if a white business person who was a vp of the Chamber of Commerce stole 30 G's, the police would just look the other way?

  6. Sick of the ExcusesApril 13, 2010 at 2:48 PM

    Heck Jim,
    Where's your compassion, too?
    Don't you see? Ms Davis was feeling the stress of over 400 years of oppression.
    If we would just give reparations to assuage our guilt, stuff like this wouldn't happen.

  7. Just take a look a at your own pitiful parish. You think everyone is held to the same standard in Bossier? Please!!! You got a DA over there thats as crooked as a barrell of snakes, yet your'e so very quick to cast a dark shadow on my side of the river.

  8. Minority leaders held to a higher standard? Facts do not back up that statement. Example: Obama is praised by the media for doing everything he can to "fundamentally change the U.S" on a daily basis. What standard is he held to?

  9. Good job to who ever put this person in jail

  10. what makes minorities so special? are they different? or just not the same color? everyone is different! why does color or gender or sexual preference entitle someone to preferential treatment? Perhaps, the business owner is looking for a reason to get their company pushed to the front of the line. Do a good job and this will not be a problem! Lazy, incompetent, crack dealers would do the same thing if crack were legal. Work hard and follow the rules and your business will prosper. If you're business model is weak and you do not have the right work ethic your business will fail. the end!!

  11. what makes minorities so special? are they different?

    Anon 10:28, where have you been the last forty plus years? My goodness, you must have been sleeping or something. Even in the military they have minority appreciation classes to tell you how much better minorites are than the EVILLLLL white folks. They call it Human Relations.

  12. $30,000 is $30,000,I don't care who steals it. This has nothing to do with race. I blogged about it because it was a Bossier business that was victimized, not because it was a black woman from Shreveport who did it.

  13. I wish I knew who worked this case. Sounds like this lady has needed to go down for a while

  14. Call the pd. I'm sure they can tell you.


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