Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Will Mayor announce new chief tomorrow?

The guessing is about over, Mayor Lo Walker promised an announcement this week. I figure it will come tomorrow, but what do I know?
I've been accused of not going out on a limb and making an educated guess, so here it is:

Kenneth Hamm
Patrick McWilliams
Larry Stockton
William Grumble
James Stewart
Kenny Viola
Gary Aguirre
Perry Montgomery
Larry Hawkins
T.D. Teutsch
Mark Alan Kraus

That's just my guess, what's yours?


  1. No way, it's Hamm.

  2. Sources say it'll be McWilliams. I sure was hoping that it would be Aguirre though. Aguirre is definately the most fair of the bunch.

  3. McWilliams would be great!

  4. Patrick McWilliams will do a good job. The department is really lucky Hamm was not chosen. Just from the outside looking in, been more of the same. I do hope Patrick McWilliams is smart enough to surround himself with people he can trust. In regards to Aguirre being the most fair of the bunch, who knows that. He has never been in a position where he had to be fair or unfair. The only person that has ever been in a position on that list to be fair or unfair was Stewart. I think he has proven himself to be fair. In fact I think that hurt him in this selection process. Regardless Patrick McWilliams will do fine, great choice. Just from the outside looking in, surround yourself with your people..not Halphens

  5. What do you have against the Halphen name?

  6. Halphen is a drunk, plain and simple. If your taking up for him its either that your one of his croonies or you are him. Most Police officers at the BCPD are extremely happy that Halphen is gone. Being an officer there I can tell you that most of his decisions were made during "happy hour". That Police department is very lucky that Hamm was not chosen. He has never been a leader at that place, I know first hand.

  7. Anon 9:57,

    As some one on the outside looking in, you sure know a lot about things to be someone on the outside looking in.

    Wasn't Aguirre a patrol supervisor at one time? Wasn't McWIlliams a supervisor in patrol, too? As supervisor in detectives, he supervised about the same number of people as a patrol supervisor does on any given shift. Right?

    So, just looking in, I think Aguirre has been in the position, like Mc WIlliams to be fair.


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