Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deepwater Rig Collapses

Reports are in that the burning deepwater rig in the Gulf of Mexico has collapsed. Twelve people are confirmed missing. Opinionated Catholic has a link to video.


  1. Such a tragedy. My heart and prayers go out to them. Almost all of us are connected to offshore workers somehow and so it comes home. I am sure many just like me were making phone calls or texting or FBing to see if someone close to us was on the rig. Both my brothers and dad worked these rigs. Dads retired, but my brothers still work them. Neither were on this rig, thank God. I had one FB friend, neighbor, was supposed to be on the rig, but his wife got sick right before he had to leave and he had to stay and take care of her and the kids. He was quite upset at what has happened to his buddies. It is like a family. As you read his post and the replies from the wives of some of his buddies on there who did not know if their husbands were missing or safe. It was heart rending. Then the joy and excitement when they got the call from their spouse that they were ok. But in the afternoon report got out that all 11 were found on tv. There was celebration only to be followed by anger and a big let down that the report was false. I am praying for the families.

  2. Darrell, thanks for posting that. It is a tragic thing, and we all know someone who either works, or has worked, offshore.

  3. Yeah, what a heart-stopping deal this must be for the families of those still missing. I mean, we all know that the likelihood of survival is about zero.

    But if it was one of my kin, or friends, I'd be on pins and needles waiting for the good (or tragic) news.

    Sad deal for sure. For what my prayers are worth these days...all involved have them.


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