Friday, April 23, 2010

Foster Campbell for Lt. Governor?

John Maginnis is reporting that Bossier's Foster Campbell is considering a run for Lt. Governor. Campbell, a Public Service Commissioner and former State Senator, did not return Maginnis' phone calls to comment.
Personally, I'm opposed to the idea of eliminating the position. I believe it provides a good constitutional check to the governor. I also like the idea that it is an independent office, and that the Lt. Governor is not just a 'yes man' on the Governor's ticket.
In the early days of the Republic, the vice-president was the person who received the second largest number of delegates in the electoral college. I think we would be very well served to go back to that system on the national level.


  1. Foster would probably not win if he did run.

    And quite honestly, the duties of Lt. Governor just don't match up with his personality.

    Kathleen & Mitch (two Democrats) have done that job well IMHO. They both have good people skills. I would even say that Mitch has a bit of charisma and charm. In fact, he is the only Democrat I can remember voting for in decades. (Yes, it was a struggle to vote for a Landrieu, but I felt that he had done an excellent job).

    He put a good face on LA, which is really what that position now requires as more of a "come visit us" kind of deal.

    I'm not going to be ugly about Foster here. I'll just say that he is not well suited to that job as it is currently constructed. And, leave it at that...

  2. I can think of no better way to keep the guv in the state though, and cut out some of those fundraisers all over the country!

  3. Well, you've got a point. I'm not really for doing away with the position. It's just...Foster?

    I don't know, Jim. Maybe I just have too much history with him to be able to make an objective call. But that office just doesn't seem to be a good fit for his particular strengths.

    (See how nice that was?) :)

  4. Maybe he'll try out I-49 north before it opens too...

  5. Anon, you just had to go there, didn't you??

  6. A few years ago, I was overcharged by Entergy and they refused to refund the excess money they drafted from my account. I called Foster Campbell's office and the lady that I spoke to said that she would look into it, but that she just did not believe that Entergy would overcharge anyone. I got not relief until I decided to call all of the other Public Service Commissioners. I spoke to one from South Louisiana who answered his own phone, and when I told him that Foster Campbell had done nothing to help, he said, "Well I am not Foster Campbell", and it was fixed on my next Entergy bill. I don't remember the man's name, but I would vote for him for any office he seeks. But I don't support Foster Campbell for Lt. Governor, re-election as Public Service Commissioner, or any other office.

  7. I remember Foster Campbell, when he was a state senator. He reminded me of Fog Horn Leghorn (the old Warner Brother's cartoon rooster): a loud and boisterous windbag.

    What turned me off on Foster was the day he was on the Senate floor singing a speech to the tune of "Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey." I remember thinking how Louisiana politics isn't held in high esteem, and with old Foster's actions that day probably solidified those beliefs.

    It's time for Foster to go to the house and stop believing that Louisiana needs him.

  8. He would be great for our area and our state. If the processing tax would have passed in the 90's. Our state would be in the black right now and poised to take advantage of companies leaving other states.

    We are the only state that has the overtaxed (middle class) and under taxed (oil and gas). Middle class is leaving, we should place a fair processing tax on everything running through the henry hub and ports. this small tax would place us way ahead in proving roads and education.

    If he runs, he will have a lot of votes from his area.

  9. Anon 12:58,

    Thank you Mr. Campbell for your input.


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