Thursday, April 1, 2010

Murderer lured 12 year old to his death

From evidence recovered from the scene by DeSoto Parish Deputies, it was established that Brian Horn lured 12 year old Justin Bloxom to his death by pretending to be a young female.
Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle believes that the scenario that Horn played out was to tell Justin that if he wanted to meet in person, 'she' would send a cab to pick him up. Horn, a driver for Action Taxi, then drove to the residence were Justin was spending the night and picked him up.
Further evidence shows that the 12 year old was smothered to death, dying of asphyxiation, and then was left face down in about a foot of water. It appears that Justin was struggling for his life, but was overcome by the 34 year old Horn. Other evidence was also recovered from the scene.
Arbuckle said the investigation will continue, and that they are not certain how the two came into contact. He believes that it was probably through a social networking site.
A candlelight service is set for 8PM today in the Stonewall Park, where a memorial has been set up with signs, flowers & other momentos.
Funeral services will be held Saturday.


  1. I hope this guy fries.

  2. He is charged now with 2nd degree murder, which is not a capital charge, but they will probably up it to 1st degree.

  3. Thanks for the update, Jim. I listened in to KEEL today at 11 when they said they were going to broadcast the Presser.

    Nothing but commercials for 15 minutes. I missed the details.

    Damned shame! Social networking site, cell phone...12 years old.

    Lump in throat...

  4. Andy, that poor kid. They said it was obvious he was fighting his attacker. A 12 year old is just no match for a 34 year old. To say it's sickening is an understatement.

  5. lemme at him!!!!

  6. This is so sick! I really hope this man gets what he deserves. I know this boy and his family, they did not deserve any of this! They are all amazing people. I don't usually say this, but I hope this man burns in HELL!! How can you be so sick minded to do that to a young child that you have no idea who that child may be. R.I.P. Justin. You are missed dearly.


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