Monday, April 12, 2010

Horn indicted for 1st Degree Murder, pleads not guilty

Brian Horn was indicted this morning for first degree murder in the killing of 12 year old Justin Bloxom. At his arraignment, he entered a plea of not guilty.
I was looking on YouTube the other day for memorial videos of Justin, and came across the family's YouTube channel. One recent video was of Justin playing in the snow back in February. Even though it is public domain, I won't post the video on here without permission from his family. If you want to see it, this is the link. I warn you, it is hearbreaking to see this young teenager having the time of his life with who I assume is his dad and brother, and to realize that he would have less than two months to live.


  1. Not guilty! Wow. He really thinks the da will offer a deal in exchange for a guilty plea. Thats whats going on for the people who have never been in trouble with the law. The least this sick nasty twisted foul individual can do is plead guilty and not put justins family through a long drawn out court battle.

  2. And DA Johnson has made it clear that he won't accept a plea in the case.

  3. I am at a loss for words other than this. Brian should be hung from a tree for all sex offenders to see. When he is hung it should be done this way. String him up untill he has no air left. Just before he dies let him down. Allow him to breath then repeat for a full 24 hours. That is what this and every other sick twisted sex offender deserves. Die like your victim ten times fold. Thats what justice is. Not a hot cot and 3 meals a day for the next 20 years sitting on death row. U die now like your victim.

  4. I have thought from the beginning of this horrible event that the DA would seek 1st Degree charges.

    Horn will plead "not guilty," as 99.9% of the accused do. Horn will sweat it out until the impending trial. He (on advice of his attorney) will offer to plead guilty to 2nd degree "so the family of Justin doesn't have to go through the horror again in open court."

    The DA will accept the deal (to save the millions of dollars it will cost...and to save Justin's family from having to have the demonic, putrid details of his death aired).

    Horn will spend the rest of his days at the Angola GrayBar Motel.

    That's the way I see this coming down. I could be wrong. It would not be the first (nor the last) time.

  5. I feel for the family. My brother and his family are still not over the death of their daughter even though the trials are done. It could be a long process though. The first fellow was about to go to trial about a year after the murder and a couple of days before the trial, hanged himself. Saved the taxpayers some money. The other fellow took 2 years to get him to trial. So, family, hang in there.


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