Friday, April 9, 2010

New Police Chief says morale is number one priority

New Bossier City Police Chief Shane McWilliams says that he doesn’t plan any major changes right away, but will evaluate the department first.
McWilliams came to BCPD in 1993 and was promoted to sergeant in 2007. He has broad experience in the department, having served in patrol, criminal investigations and as supervisor of the violent crimes unit.
Speaking of the officers he will lead, McWilliams had this to say:
...."I want them to know they're not just employees and actually serve a purpose and have the opportunity to be heard.”
....“I think the morale issue had to do with the layoffs. There's always the possibility of having additional layoffs which we hope that doesn't happen.”
....“I will do everything I can to prevent any further layoffs, any cutbacks."
...."We have an outstanding department and employees. We're going to strive to continue going in the right direction and work with other agencies as well as the people we have here. We're going to do better to make sure the residents feel safe and maintain the confidence of the residents of Bossier City.”


  1. McWilliams is a bright light for that department, a fresh face with good intentions. He will exceed everyone's expectations. A police chief that had worked his entire career and has the resume to show for it, great guy.

  2. Shane is a good person with integrity, honesty, and dignity. He will serve BCPD well. He will turn that department around for the better. BCPD has needed this change for a long time, and it is very welcomed. He is a leader, which is what the men and women of BCPD have been praying for a long time.

  3. I think this is a good appointment. The men and women of the Bossier City PD deserve the best leadership.

  4. I like his tone. I wish him the best!

  5. A man from the trenches, a hard working officer with morales. He will do nothing but excell. Could not have been a better apppointment.

  6. McWilliams is in fact a good choice. I do wonder why other good choices were not interviewed. I question how those four were selected to be interviewed. It does sound as though the deck was being stacked some what for McWilliams. You ignored people with Masters in Business degrees, others with excellent career's with nothing bad in their work past. I do wish him the best, he may need it if this tax is not renewed.

  7. I've been coming back again and again looking for someone that objects, or thinks McWilliams is a bad choice.

    This must be a good sign...

  8. If the new chief cares at all about morale he will not force 12 hours shifts upon the men and women of the police department. Numerous studies have shown that 12 hour shifts are dangerous for those who have to make split second decisions. Also 12 hour shifts would make it next to impossible for officers to attend college or work part time jobs.

  9. When do they plan on starting 12 hour shifts?

  10. Being a police officer, I can tell you that having a degree does not make you a better cop, period. Education is a great asset to anyone, but I know guys on the job with bachelors and masters degrees that are not too sharp, and others that are but not because of the college they went to but because they are experienced and have common sense. Obviously someone is bitter about the choice the mayor gave.

    I have worked with McWilliams and can say that he is very sharp. He knows as much about the criminal law as a hot shot attorney. McWilliams has been a leader at that police department and will continue its excellence.

    Good man that will make a good chief.

  11. I don't remember the chief saying anything about 12 hours shifts, do you? I think that if he wants to improve morale, he will do just that. Whether its 12 hr shifts or not. If you don't want 12 hrs shifts, he seems like the guy you can go talk too about it. I am sure he is open to all opinions and will make the best decisions.


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