Sunday, April 11, 2010

DeSoto Parish grand jury will hear evidence against Brian Horn tomorrow

A grand jury will convene in Mansfield tomorrow to hear the District Attorney ask for a first-degree murder indictment against Brian Horn, who is accused of murdering 12 year old Justin Bloxom.
District Attorney Richard Johnson has said that if the grand jury does return an indictment for first degree murder, he will seek the death penalty.
We will follow up on this when the grand jury's decision becomes public.


  1. They will charge him with 1st degree.

  2. Brian horn should be put to death no matter what the grand jury decides he should be charged with. I have an eleven year old son and can not begin to imagine what justins mother feels. I ashamed to say i grew up with brian and was his friend as a child. It is terrifying to me that i knew and was around a person that is a child killer. Its scary to know if i had not changed the crowed i ran with that brian horn could have had close access to my child. My prayers thoughts love and many sorrys go out to the family of justin. For the family of brian horn i hope he is put to death. He doesnt deserve the civil way we put criminals to death. I believe he should be tortured like he did to justin. Brian will burn in hell for eternity. Justin will live on in all of our hearts and be blessed with the presence love affection and good graces of our lord and savior for eternity.

  3. The death of justin is senseless. Brian is a convicted sex offender. Why was he or any sex offender allowed to run the streets of our state freely? Why? They are not people like us. They should not be allowed the same freedoms of law biding citizens. If we went back to the old ways we would have less sex offenders. I believe that every sex offender in our state should by law be required to attend brians exicution. I will. I also believe that he should not be allowed death by needles. He didnt give that option to his victim. I believe we should find the largest old oak tree hang a rope make it a family event and hang him till he is dead. If we did this with all louisinans sex offenders attending. I bet our children we be alot safer. Its not fair for any child in this state to be afraid to walk around the corner to a friends because of people like brian horn. His parents should also be blamed and punished. They cannt say they didnt know. They did. All parents know when something is off with a child.


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