Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bossier Councilman subject of bank fraud investigation

According to multiple reliable sources, Bossier City Council member James “Chubby” Knight is under investigation for bank fraud.
Details are sketchy, but what I have been able to put together this is what is going on.
Over this last weekend a search warrant was executed by the Bossier Parish Sheriff. Knight’s computer(s) was seized, as well as a city computer.
Knight was allegedly involved in a scheme in which he was cashing forged Nigerian bonds and sending part of the money to someone in California.
Multiple banks were involved.
I sent the following email to Councilman Knight at his city email address:
  • Mr. Knight,
    I have heard from several people that you are the subject of an investigation, and that a computer (or computers) were seized this weekend. My sources said that it had to do with possible bank fraud.
    I think it is only fair to come to you to confirm or deny this.
    If this is the case, do you intend to stay on the council?
I received no reply.  I sent the following email to someone in the DA’s office:
  • Is Chubby Knight the subject of an investigation?
I received no reply.
Knight was elected to represent District 5 on the council in a runoff in May of last year. He won with 557 votes against former Councilman Larry Hannisee, who received 507 votes.
I have no more details as of now.  I have heard conjecture that this was part of one of those Nigerian 419 schemes, but I have no knowledge if that is true.
Hopefully, someone involved in the investigation will see fit to inform the public.


  1. Of course Knight didn't respond to your email. They took his computers!

    Say Hi to Sheriff Deen, Jim!

  2. Isn't Nigeria considered a terrorist country by the United States Government? The Christmas underwear bomber was a Muslim from Nigeria. Coincidence?

    Would this be a result from the Sheriff's wingnut fishing trip for Islamic Terrorists or is it just a coincidence?

  3. Wow, who woulda thunk it?

  4. Chubby Knight is a decent man and a patriot. He would never do anything to hurt anybody.

  5. All Bossier City councilmen are snakes. Cut the head off a snake and it dies. All need to be voted out including ole Chubby!

  6. Sounds like the city council finally got mad enough at the fact that Knight was snooping around trying to figure out where all of Bossier City's money was going and found something to make him look bad. Don't give up Mr. Knight!

  7. Imagine that, bossier city councilmen are all dirty. With all the money issues that have been going on with the city the past year, I don't doubt this one bit.

  8. Anon at 5:13, so your theory is that this is just a conspiracy concocted by the other council members?
    Are you a lawyer?

  9. Commenting just to subscribe to comments. I am interested to read what others think.

    I do not know Mr. Knight, nor any of the particulars of the situation. But, I do find it somewhat hard to believe that the entire City Council would frame up somebody because he was fishing in to the reckless spending in the City.

    I mean, Jim does that all the time, and as far as I know he's not been given even one speeding ticket. Just sayin'...

    I certainly hope that Mr. Knight can rebound from this (if this is what it seems). But, to brush it off as some conspiracy amongst the other Councilmen is kind of a stretch.

  10. "...cashing forged Nigerian bonds and sending part of the money to someone in California."

    My first thought? He responded to a Nigerian scam letter written by Arnold Schwarzenegger in a bold and innovative attempt to bring California out of its debt abyss.

    Connect the dots! Wake up people!

    Sorry... (OK, not really)

  11. I have just one thing to say....."Karma is a bitch, isn't it Mr. Knight?"

  12. How do other council members frame someone if they cashed their own fake documents? Rediculous.

  13. Your spelling of ridiculous is ridiculous.

  14. Certainly the conspiracy folks believe that Bossier City does in fact have an international fake money order scam going on in Nigeria and they set him up by sending them to Chubby and getting him to cash them at local banks - i understand they have a mind control machine that does this for them - that is why the electorate keeps reelecting them time after time - their leadership is singled out all over the state as the most progressive and the city is continued to be recognized in the south as a gem. Mind control and conspiracy have done all of this - poor old chubby is just a pawn.

  15. From what I understand the DA's office does not get cases until an arrest as been made so I wouldnt think they would be the people to email. Try BPSO.


  17. I read the Shreveport times article, the only thing is that Chubby is not telling the whole truth, but spinning it like all politicians. I hear that Chubby was told it was a scam but decided to do it anyway. I am pissed because if this had been JoBlo Citizen they would be in jail by now.

    As for the conspiracy theory, are you really that ignorant? To believe that the city is targeting Knight, really? Do us all a favor and go back to your basement.

  18. If nothing else, it makes you question his judgment. That's not a small thing, he is responsible for overseeing many millions in city funds.

  19. If Chubby had any integrity he would step down soon. But like all crooks, he will wait til he gets arrested or indited for a crime. Save Face Chubby, resign.

    Chubby is a disgrace. bye bye. I cannot wait til the facts come out about this one, its gonna make him look bad. And yes i know what the facts are. Go BPSO.

  20. It is BCPD investigating, not BPSO.

  21. Um...Hello...the secret shopper scam has been around for decades. Did he seriously fall for this? And it sounds like he is a victim of a scam, not some sort of Nigerian pawn who is scheming banks. However, who voted this idiot into office? Seriously? I would have saved face, considered it a lesson learned, and kept my mouth shut. This guy is a rocket scientist...

  22. If BCPD is doing this investigation then it is being handled by there white collar division. Good luck Chubby, those two usually unearth the truth

  23. Chubby, the victim of a scam?, I don't think so, people. And if he was dumb enough to fall for that he has not business being a councilman, voting for anything, nor driving.

    I hear its Bossier City investigating, not Bossier Sheriff's Department. They are gonna get their ducks in a row before Chubby goes down, thats for sure. Stick a fork in ole Chubby, he's done!!!!!

  24. Regardless if "Chubby" is stupid or not, the fact is when he presented that check or whatever it was and cashed it he did in fact committ a crime. I doubt he will be arrested due to him being a local politician. On top of that, what kind of adult man still goes by "Chubby"

  25. On top of that, what kind of adult man still goes by "Chubby"

    Now, that's cold. I've known more than one grown adult person known as "Red," "Chubby," or "Angel" in my life that were extremely comfortable with being referred to by such little kid names.

    I mean, if you knew my real first name, you'd understand why folks opt for a nickname. Trust me, you would.


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