Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tea Party Federation decries nomination of candidates

Thanks to The Opinionated Catholic for tipping us off to this.  I have stated my opinion several times on the blog that the tea party movement will lose any effectiveness it has if it allows itself to be used as the tool of a particular party or candidate.
The Louisiana Tea Party Federation has spoken out against the “Tea Party of Louisiana”, a local organization in Baton Rouge, and against GOP Chairman & candidate for Lt. Governor Roger Villere.
The Federation, made up of 20 tea party groups, says that the Villere is attempting to use the movement for his personal candidacy.
Villere is already being criticized for remaining leader of the state party while he runs for office.
Rob Gaudet is right on target when he says that tea party groups need to hold elected officials accountable, and not endorse specific candidates.
Read the entire article in The Advertiser.


  1. Hmm - this dovetails somewhat with my stance on the Tea Party.

    It's more of a movement or a philosophy than an actual "party".

  2. Agreed, Rex.

    The Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party doesn't endorse any candidates because we believe that people are smart enough to decide who to vote for.

  3. perhaps evodna could endorse linc coleman for office - since she is so fond of selling his products in south bossier

  4. Name one project Evodna has done for Linc Coleman.


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