Sunday, September 26, 2010

More questions about investigation of Bossier City Councilman

Vote the Record has posted an article about the investigation involving Councilman James "Chubby" Knight.
The Times article referenced may be found here.


  1. KTBS posted an article today. I have some questions.

    1. If the first two banks told him they were fake, then why did he go to a third?

    2. Since when does ignorance of the law make it not a crime?

    3. The story has conflicting reports.

    a) The money orders turned out to be fake and Knight had to pay the bank approximately $1,900 to cover its loss.

    b) Knight said he repaid the bank $3,950 that day.

    Which was it?

    Finally, the D.A. won't do anything to Knight, just like the D.A. has refused to keep his word that he would send a letter of instruction to the City Council about keeping records.

  2. Matt Sciba,

    You seem to have it all figured out on everything. Why don't you run for something and let's see what people think of you.

  3. @Anonymous 8:56 - Do you have a problem with any of my observations?

  4. Knight needs to step down, period. He is doing the City Of Bossier a disgrace by staying. Matt is right he took it to two banks prior to cashing it. One of the banks managers told him the check was fake, so he took it to another bank and deposited the money.

    Knight is not a victim! He knew exactly what he was doing and knows exactly what to do to get away with it.


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