Friday, September 24, 2010

Wooley's appeal to black voters: Free wings and a limo ride

Are you kidding me?  I don't know who dreamed this up, but it was terribly ill-advised.  If Wooley seriously wants to pull votes from the Cooper Road area, which is highly unlikely in any event, this isn't the way to do it.
Can you imagine the conversation when this scheme was hatched? 
"I know, fried chicken!"
"No, that's too messy."
"Wait, I heard that those people like wings.  How about wings?  And a stretch limo?  That will win their hearts and minds!"


  1. This is so pathetic it's hillarious. If I were a potential Cooper Road voter, I would go there and eat his free wings and then leave. Period. What a moron.

  2. Dano, I don't know what they were thinking.

  3. I guest one WING one VOTE!
    Their has to be a better way to show economic freedom. Why give a man a fish to eat? When its better to show a man how to fish to feed him and has family.

  4. The only chance Wooley would have against Glover is by attacking Glover's policies of surveillance cameras on every corner, being a member of Bloomburg's "Mayors against illegal guns", and Glover's statement that the police have the power to take away your rights.

  5. I don't know whether to laugh or puke, so I'll end up doing both. The more Wooley puts himself out into the public's eye the more apparent it becomes that this man is a complete moron and has no business running a lemonade stand let alone a city. But Thank God a person shooting an AK-47 and killing someone in Shreveport will not be tolerated by his administration. what an idiot! If I lived in Shreveport it woulkd be a pleasure to vote against the pathetic little man.

  6. Sigh . Why do my fellows GOP brothers and sisters have such a knack for bad optics

  7. I know, I just keep asking myself what were they thinking.

  8. It'll be even sadder if Wooley's plan works.

  9. Mr. Wooley needs to stock the bar in the limos with 40 ounce bottles of Schlitz malt liquor to help wash down the wings.

  10. Is it possible this is fake? That is planted by the oppostion to make him look bad (PRAYFULLY HOPING THAT IS THE CASE)

    I actually like Glover but I am more concerned how this looks for the GOP in the area

  11. I'm thinking kinda the same way that James H. is. I can not really imagine someone so tone deaf as to do something like this.

    Just the use of "Cooper Road," instead of "MLK" to advertise the deal is out of character for any campaign with one scintilla of a clue.

    If Wooley's campaign is REALLY behind this, then they truly are morons. If they are not, it probably won't matter much anyway.

    I just have to guess it is a third party joke, neither done by Wooley, or Big C's campaigns. Of course, I could be wrong. Politics is ugly business...and often causes otherwise intelligent folks to cross over into teh stoopid.

  12. Andy, I too have some reservations about this ad, but with that said I still think Wooley's a pathetic little man. His radio spots drive me up the wall, like who in their right mind would tolerate people shooting people with an AK-47. The past couple of days with the somewhat questionable news conference with Ron Webb, telling other candidates to drop out (which others do as well I admit), and the thumbing the nose at the sign ordinance...
    I've seen too many people like this in my life time. They are more absorbed in their best interests while telling others he is doing it to take care of them, while screwing the person at the same time.

  13. The way to get RepubliKKKans to the polls is to offer them children. Here is a list of RepubliKKKan Child Molestors:

    Republican aide, Alan David Berlin, was arrested on charges that he wanted to engage in sex acts with a 15 year old boy while dressed in a panda costume.

    Fox News producer Aaron Bruns pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years for possessing child pornography.

    Republican activist and former presidential campaign chairman Jeffrey Claude Bartleson was arrested on charges of sexually molesting a 5-year old boy.

    Republican activist and former chairman of the Christian County Republicans Royce Fessenden pleaded guilty to two counts of first-degree child molestation and one count of second-degree statutory sodomy.

    Republican parole board officer and former legislator George Christian (Chris) Ortloff pleaded guilty to attempting to lure 11- and 12-year-old girls to have sex with him.

    Republican legislative aide Robert R. Groezinger pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

    Republican legislator Robert A. McKee pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography.

    Republican chief of staff Eric Feltner pleaded guilty to showing pornography to a 13-year old girl.

    Republican presidential campaign official Matthew Joseph Elliott was convicted of sexual exploitation of a child.

    A List of over 50 Republican child Molestors can be found at:

  14. Wow Anonymous. That's quite a rap sheet. Don't say anything about the fact that the "progressive radio with progressive values" NPR elevates their own child molester, Paula Poundstone, to have a regular spot on their most popular weekend show.

  15. I am not a Wooley supporter, and this was in bad taste. However, when will everyone stop with the stereotypes? I mean, if no one had said "Oh my goodness... chicken wings... he must be targeting the black community", then would this even be news? Why can't we all stop buying into the stereotypes and just accept the chicken wings as food offered? What if it had been pizza? Would any of you care?
    Glover bussed people to the polls four years ago. How come no one slammed him for assuming people needed transportation? I'm just saying that I think this has been turned into more than it should have been.

  16. G.R., as always you pull your punches well, sir.

    You should go ahead on and tell us what you really think.


    There are some RepubliKKKans that are child molesters? Who knew? Breaking news there, Anon.

    Seems you've done quite a bit of research there, and it is greatly appreciated. I will be sure and keep my remaining minor child away from Republicans in the future.

  17. It was largely Democrats who were KKK members. The southern Democrats were the ones enforcing segregation.

    The Democrat Party in its formation was PRO-slavery. Robert Byrd, a Democrat, voted against the Civil Rights act and was a very active member of the KKK. Heck he was basically a saint the way Bill Clinton eulogized him at the funeral.

  18. All the racist low lifes that were part of the democratic party left the party and turned RepubliKKkan when President Johnson signed the civil rights bill.

    Ignorant racist love to take credit for what republicans did in 1860. What have you done lately?

  19. Not all Republicans are racist.

    But all racist happen to be Republican.

  20. All the racist low lifes that were part of the democratic party left the party and turned RepubliKKkan when President Johnson signed the civil rights bill.

    Really? Oh yeah, you're right. Byrd DID become a Republican. So did George Wallace, and Faubus...and you know what, I just remembered a truth...

    Never argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level, and beat you with experience."

    So, it is time for me to move along.

  21. Is there any sort of event notice or legit proof to show this isn't a scam?

  22. Thanks Andy. Restraint is one of the virtues I learned through all those years of ARRRRRRRRRRMY Training. :)

    As for Anon 1:33, if I recall there is a leading House Democrat by the name of Barney "Fwank" who ran a gay prostitute ring out of his congressional office. And I'm no defnding what the Republicans did, but just beware there's dirt on both sides of the bed. But I guess too many doobies will cause a brain to get foggy when it come to reality.

  23. For every one Democrat I can produce 20 Republican Family Values Child Molesters.

  24. G.R., did somebody say something? It seems that you may have responded to a comment, but I must have glanced over it.

  25. Calls of racism is the last refuge of the liberal.

  26. Andy, I was thanking you for recognizing my ability to be diplomatic in my presentation of words.
    The second part of the post was for Anon 1:33 who had a moment of unclarity and needed a little help in telling us about dirty politicians

  27. I can't leave y'all alone for half a day, and just look at you.

  28. Oh Crap, now Jim is going to put us in Time Out. It's all Andy's fault and I will not take any responsibility any of this! : )

  29. G.R - that Andy is a sneaky one!

  30. That's funny RepubliKKKan.... Anon, I'm pretty sure that if given back the right to vote, 99% of the prison population of the U.S. would vote for our current commander in chief and his administration. Does that mean that DemoCRAPts are murderers, thieves, rapists, spouse beaters, arsons, drug dealers, habitual DWI offenders, money launderers, child abusers, or whatever else you can get locked up for......WOW! thanks dummy for bringing this to light!! RepubliKKKans are child molesters and racists, lol amazing!! I'm sorry that you were picked last in dodgeball, and your parents dont hug you so you became a liberal. Go get a job and pay some taxes liberal LOSER!!

  31. To be honest, Rex, I never had heard it. After a quick visit to Wiki I'm educated. Also learned about 'nuking the fridge', from the Indiana Jones series :-)

  32. Wings & More" is the name of the restaurant.
    Address of the store:

    I hardly see how it's racist since local black supporters of this candidate organized this event:

    Video from KTBS:

  33. So you're saying that the Wooley campaign was not involved, did not pay for the food or the limo?
    I'm not saying it was racist, but I am saying it had the effect of stereotyping blacks.

  34. Jim, I take responsibility, but not full blame.

    "Jumping the shark..." Ummmm...I don't know if I'd admit not having heard that one, but then again I am not a person of deep humility like Jimbo.

    It is a little clearer when you find out that the owner of the "Wings and More" put this together. Ya' gotta love grassroots activism.

  35. Some group needs to put out a list of foods you can't serve to blacks without seeming "racist". If you held an event in little Italy, would it be taboo to serve spaghetti? Chinatown/fried rice and eggrolls?

    From what I've heard, the Wings and More owner approached Wooley to have an event at her place.

    Finally, why the hell are you white folks gettin' offended for black folks when black folks had no problem? You sound like a bunch of Al Sharpton fanatics, calling "racist" every time a cracker serves chicken to a black man.

    Get a life.

  36. Anon @ 7:59, I'm pissed because no black politician has ever come into my hood and offered me and my people a bean arugula and herbal tea. And in my book that's RACISM!

  37. This makes me sick. This is a disgrace to the African American's of Shreveport. If I were African American I would be outraged.

    I am outraged that you morons are joking about this sensitive issue. You should be ashamed of yourself. I WILL not vote for the racist Bryan Wooley.

  38. Wow..I thought it was bad in Cenla.

  39. I wish someone would buy me some wings and a ride in a limo...sounds like a good first date ;)

  40. Wiki, you moron, don't you realized you're upsetting
    Anon at 10:28. How insensitive of you. You ought to be ashamed of yourself.

  41. @alexcenla: You could send Von Jennings up here to eat next time . . .

  42. wow, this blog group is ill-informed. Wooley did not plan this. What is amazing is that a relatively black neighborhood is getting behind a young white candidate. This is really a story about the black community starting to turn its back on black candidates. black voters are turning their back on Obama and now Glover. They want real leadership not lip service.

    Whoever runs this blog should have done a little more investigation --poor investigation of the facts just motivates the Settles of the world to continue to attack smart young unconnected candidates.

    Wooley is being attacked because he is going to do what is right. That scares people. I am sure they will start vicious rumors this week. I hope whoever runs this blog will take half a second to fact check and then run both sides of the story. Your "sources" are biased.

  43. To Anon @ 9:55.
    Brian, is that you?
    These posts have noting to do with being informed or misinformed about the Wings and Limo fiasco. What it is for me is I am sitting back and seeing one misstep after another by Wooley himself. I think if one would follow the money it probably come back to the Wooley campaign. The people in Cooper Road is more than likely, wouldn't have the money on hand to carry out such and endeavor to buy chicken wings and hire limos to drive people to the polls, and yes it is unusual for blacks to turn against a black candidate to support a white candidate, especially when there are more than one black candidate in the race for mayor to chose from.
    Wooley may not be directly behind wings and limos, but people smell a rat, and the way he's been involved with other questionable acts, wings and limos is just another misstep that is raising some eyebrows.

  44. "Your "sources" are biased."

    My only source is the flyer. It speaks for itself.

  45. nope not bryan. just an educated voter. if you are relying on KTBS and John settle to inform you about brian, then you are misinformed. these two entities are either heavily invested in the status quo or friends with other candidates.

    Really is funny that missteps are big signs and get out the vote events.

    Bryan is an agressive campaigner.

    I think everyone understands the distinction between Glover and Wooley if you don't then, you need to get informed.

    Missteps? Glover, Cox and Sims have big signs, Settle didn't file against them?

    A city council members endorcing a candidate only is big news and a settle violation if that person doesn't support COX. Only KTBS would consider Settle a valid source for politics. Even Lawler gives disclaimers after Settles articles.

    Once again, wings were not served. The owner of the wign store held the rally and limo rides. Yes a business owner. The name of hte store is WINGS AND MORE. read the handout.

    Everything bryan is doing is being attacked. These are not missteps, they are facts taken out of context by the media and twisted to fit their bias.

    Go sit and talk to him face to face and ask questions.

  46. Jim, who gave you the flier?

    who did you call to verify it?

    have you talked to the owner of WINGS AND MORE?

    why is this business owner and many more behind Bryan?

    You imply Bryan is a racists in your comments--watermelon?chicken? Do you even know him?

    What does he do for a living? what has be done on the council?
    where did he go to high school?
    who are his parents?
    who are his ememies?

    your answer to these will reveal your sources are biased.

  47. Jim, do you remember how this half baked reporting submarined Burchett?

    lies that can't be defended in time? is this really something that should get support?

  48. What are your sources? Have you searched My Bossier for Bryan Wooley and found that I have given him very fair coverage, more than I have given any other candidate?
    Again, I have no sources. My reaction was based solely on the flyer itself. It's terrible. If it gives the wrong appearance (and it did to me and alot of other people), then Wooley should have recognized that too.

  49. you assume he's racist. he's not. I have talked to him. I have talked to those around him.

    that's a big leap to call someone racist (chicken, watermelons?) his work on the council and in his Christian life show he is not a racist. He quite frankly is too young and too wise to be a racist.

  50. You're the one assuming, not me. I have never called Wooley a racist and do not believe that he is.
    The flyer was bad judgment. Period.

  51. I'll take your word for it.

    Have a good Lord's day and keep up the good work. I enjoy your blog.

    BTW to post this my word verification was WINGS. Even God has a sense of humor about this.

  52. Pretty bold for a business that supports wooley to do an ad with his pic and a questionable program without his knowledge.

    Classic Martin G.!

  53. So if not Wooley, then who? I guess Glover hasn't done such a bad job, if you like more traffic cams, surveillance cams in high-foot traffic areas, and more "gun free" zones.

    Last week I went to the downtown library. They used to have a police officer parked at a desk just inside the front door of the library. That day, I noticed the cop and the desk were gone, replaced by a sign which read "no weapons of any kind allowed, with or without a license". That'll show those crooks!


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