Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day in Louisiana

Means the start of LSU and New Orleans Saints football.  Saturday's game against NC was a squeaker, LSU style, but they got the win.
The Saints will open Thursday night against the Vikings.
For your enjoyment, the LSU Golden Band from Tigerland performing before the BCS Championship game in New Orleans - you know, the last one that we one.
They are at the Jackson Brewery.  For you younger folks who don't remember Jax Beer, and especially for the oldies who do remember, the classic Kangaroo commercial.


  1. Happy Labor Day Jim!
    My entire birthday is held in the hands of the New Orleans Saints, so they better pull it out TWO DAT style September 9!

  2. Happy early birthday Sam! Should be a good game, the Vikings are sure gonna be gunning for them.

  3. And not a moment too soon...

    I don't care about The Saints, but man the real version of the game (The Saturday Edition) has been too long coming.



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