Sunday, September 19, 2010

Watch out for fake email alleging to be from Gmail

Got this in the inbox today, seems my account information "are out of date".
Due to the congestion in our servers, We have come to realize that your account information on our database system are out of date, as a result of that we require you to verify your Information. Failure to verify your information will result in account suspension. If you are still interested in using our email service, Please click the reply button and fill the below spaces as requested. Learn more
Note: As part of our security measures, your account will not be interrupted and your email service will continue to work as normal.
Thank you for using Gmail !
The Gmail Team


  1. I been getting the same thing on my hotmail account connected with my blog site. I don't answer them. I have heard you should not even reply. Although I sure would like to send a sarcastic or threatening or even false information to them. I am afraid if i do that they will know it is an active email account and sell the address to others to send me junk mail.

  2. I'm on a "secure" e-mail system at an academic institution that is supposed to prevnt such scams and I've gotten three in the last week. Must be working or they wouldn't keep it up.

  3. Oh yeah, it works! P.T. was right. It's amazing how many people reply to stuff like this.

    And, it seems that an American was hired to write this one.

  4. You might watch out for the pay-pal spoofs also..They are classics!

  5. Yay!!! I got an email from someone in England that said I won 750,000 pounds in English money. All I need to do now is send them my name, country and telephone number. ( Yeah like I am gonna do that.)


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