Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sword & Billy Club home invasion in Benton

Reminiscent of this home invasion last spring, and right in the same area, two people have been arrested in a home invasion/robbery.
The two, identified as Randall Wayne Womack, Jr & Joshua Lopez are currently being housed at Bossier Max.  A third person, David Allen Weeks, Jr, is thought to be hiding in the Highland neighborhood in Shreveport.
(You notice I hesitate to call them 'men', as that is a stretch.)
The three entered (okay, I know 'allegedly'), anyway, the three entered a residence on Old Plain Dealing Road armed with a sword and a billy club and stole a whopping $132.
Womack and Weeks both have criminal history in Bossier Parish.  They may find that armed robbery will gain them a stiffer sentence than they have faced in the past - if the charge stands and is not pled down to something lower.
Weeks was charged previously with Simple Battery, Simple Escape, Felony Criminal Property Damage & Simple Battery.  All were combined and pled down and he recieved a $250 fine.  For all of it.
Womack has been charged in the past in Bossier Parish for Simple Burglary, Simple Burglary of an inhabited dwelling, Criminal Trespass, Aggravated Burglary, Simple Possession of Marijuana, Aggravated Criminal Property Damage, Carnal Knowledge & Illegal Possession of Stolen things.
I won't go into details on every charge.  At one time he was given 7 years in prison, all but 9 months suspended, with credit for time served.
On the charge of Simple Burglary of an inhabited dwelling, Womack wrote a letter to the judge, explaining that he was riding along to pick up a TV with a friend, when they got there and started to go in police were all over them.  You know, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, which usually is the case when you get caught.  Here is the letter, click on it and when it goes to a new page click it again and it should enlarge.  This is the best I could do with it.


  1. The person who was robbed was a homosexual prostitute who was being pimped out to Mexican workers. I'm not joking, really.

  2. As a local police officer, I have dealt with Womack several times. He has the words "Game Over" tattooed on his eye lids. Womack is literally scum of the earth, and does not need to get out of jail for any reason. I Womack rots in jail, he is garbage.

  3. uh looks like bossier police can leave insults only on here ha thats about right... learn how to spell...its 'i hope' i fell like like bossier police are crooked... looks like there all out this time darn try harder next time... with all of yalls lies>>>>>

  4. That first person that commented is right I was locked up with womack. And to the pig fuck bossier police

  5. The stupid police officer who commented about womack well I hope you rot in life and u are no better than any one else yall police officers think yall the shit you are nothing.. and womack has a life just like you do and NOBODY who hasn't killed somebody doesn't deserve to sit n jail for that long at all even killers don't get that much time .. if the da and police look at the stuff in the case its clear that womack shouldn't spend a lot of time in jail ... So f**k bossier police

  6. Uh, I was locked up with Wayne also. He should of got his act together after getting released around the time of his daughter's birth. I shared a cell with him and he sounded like he wanted to change for her, but I guess his selfishness corrupted that. His daughter needed a father more than the streets needed another so called thug.

  7. Thank you to the guy above ^^^ ur right his "daughters" needed a dad thank goodness they have a good dad now!!!

  8. The case is all fkd up u don't know the deal u should leave it be womack ain't a so called thug he does what he does but deep inside he is a good person when he wants to b and to the police that comment I bet u wouldn't say shit to his face n u prolly one of the ones that he's knocked out before so fk off u crooked pussy


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