Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Caddo Commission President John Escude' criticizes David Melville in blog comment

John Escude'
I read the Central Louisiana blog CenLamar every day, and have it linked on my sidebar.
Lamar White, the blogger at CenLamar, published a blog post entitled Under the Radar, David Melville Prepares a Serious Campaign for Congress in LA-04, about the 4th District congressional race that is shaping up between David Melville and John Fleming. Melville, as most of you are aware, is the pastor of Fellowship United Methodist Church in Bossier City.
A comment appeared on the blog post last night that said, among other things:
“Give me a break. I’d rather keep an ex-naval officer and business man in office fighting for the soul of this nation than send one who makes a living preying on the fearful and week minded sheep in his flock. What’s a blogger from Alexandria doing writing about this race anyway. I think that Rodney Alexander is his congressman. Could it be that he thinks that the good Reverand will be sucessful at stealing even more of our money by way of increased taxes so it can be distributed to those who are deemed more deserving than we who earn it?”
Lamar answered with this:
“So let me get this out in the open: The e-mail address that “John” left in the above comment traces back to John Escude, the President of the Caddo Parish Commission. Mr. Escude is a Republican who was elected three years ago.
If the above comment was, in fact, written by Commissioner Escude, then I hope he will have the courage and integrity to publicly stand behind his words. And if it wasn’t written by Commissioner Escude and if he is the victim of a hoax, then I stand ready and willing to help him figure out if someone else is blogging under his personal e-mail address.”
I sent Mr. Escude' an email asking him if it was indeed his comment on the blog.  This is his reply:
That was in fact my blog. This is the first time that I have responded to a blog and I just happened upon it. The blog started out as an analysis of the 4th district race and then turned into an endorsement of a candidate. I have not made my decision on who to vote for. In fact, I voted for and supported Paul Carmouche in the last election. (see filed campaign reports) I believe that our nation is on the brink of going down a road from which there will be no return. This belief is based on the policies of our President and the support that he gets from a democratically controlled congress. Although, many question Fleming's tactics as well as Vitter's at least they are not silently sitting by watching the damage being done. David Melville is a good man . Yes, I have met and spoken with him. I just do not want another Democrat in the house at this time when we need some balance to at least neutralize things until some sense of sanity returns to congress. As one with a daughter in law school and a former Seminary student myself, the sarcasm in my comments were meant as sarcastic humor.
I do not think that Congressman Fleming and Mr. Melville are to very far apart philosophically however, I am quite sure with their different backgrounds that their methods are. As I recall in the new testament, Jesus sent his disciples out to spread the word to the people, not to the Sanhedrin nor to the Roman senate. My questions are these: how would Mr.Melville have voted on the health care bill, the bailouts and cap and trade. If the answer is yes, then he's not my man. As for where I stand, you can look up Jeffersonian_Republican if you like..
John Escude'


  1. Doesn't appear to be "sarcastic humor" at all - and I should know since I'm an expert at sarcasm and word-smithing.

    I don't really agree with the comments by John Escude, but his point is clear. This ad by Melville is as ambiguous as it gets. Like most political ads its high on rhetoric but short on substance.

    What? We're all supposed to get along in the sandbox? Nope - never gonna happen.

    With that said, at least John Escude didn't exactly back down from what he posted.

    Very interesting...

  2. I actually think Melville could positoon himself good for 2 years from now if he actually has some conservative postions and talks about them

  3. I think Mr. Escude owes an apology to the people of Fellowship Methodist Church and to Mr. Melville for his statement about preying on fearful and weak people.

  4. Is he still a preacher at this church?

    I started to say he wouldnt get my vote if he was, however he wont anyway. Congressman Flemming has been perfect, lights out!

  5. That IS interesting. I won't vote for Melville because I understand that he is a supporter of ObozO, not because he is a preacher.

    I've gotta agree with Rex. If he meant it sarcastically, well he sure didn't craft it well.

  6. clearly, escude is a homoatheistmuslim who hates christians and america.

    oh, and flemming is a useless sycophant.

  7. I notice in Mr. Escude's follow-up response he seems to be saying keep religion out of Congress. I wonder where his outrage was when Fleming basically called for a Christian Crusade against Democrats.

    All in all sounds like an example of the standard, "but some of my best friends are . . . filll in the blank for whatever group you just threw under the bus."

    Based on two years ago, I wouldn't be surprised if Fleming didn't send Escude a nice check for his work. He paid bloggers last time, so I'm sure he's doing in this time, too.

  8. "oh, and flemming is a useless sycophant."

    No, Cao is a useless sycophant.

    Fleming's voting record is impeccable. Yeah, he may have a poor choice of words when he does interviews and gives speeches, but his voting record and amendments he's co-sponsored are sound.

  9. Yeah, right.

    Like the resolution to force members of Congress to join the government run mandantory insurance plan. When there was no government run mandantory plan.

    Really sound.

  10. Hey jim - do a blog on that dwi ruling - its on ktbs and shreveport times


  11. @Anonymous 10:49-

    If you believe there is no mandate, then you are in complete denial of reality.

    "Under the legislation signed by President Obama in March, most Americans will have to maintain “minimum essential coverage” starting in 2014."

    Sounds like a mandate to me.

    What's a complete boondoggle is that Obama chastised George Stephanopolous saying it wasn't a tax, then later admitted that it was a tax! That's what Fleming voted against.

  12. Anon at 10:49, I know reading comprehension is a problem for some, and reality comprehension is a problem for others.

    I'm not sure which problem you have but: I wasn't discussing Fleming's "just say no vote" on the health care bill, I was discussing the stupid resolution he introduced to get himself some attention; everyone does know about the mandate, but I said, and Fleming was talking about, a mandatory government run plan. The mandate is for private coverage and the only Americans forced to select coverage are those that aren't covered already. Fleming's resolution applied to members of Congress who were already covered.

    A silly, pointless resolution to gain attention, just like his childish rant last week. He's an embarrassment.

  13. Hey jim - do a blog on that dwi ruling - its on ktbs and shreveport times
    September 2, 2010 4:01 PM

    Done with links to the ruling


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