Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Shreveport city races gearing up for the finish

Let’s meet at the poll
KTBS released numbers from a poll today that show Brian Wooley slipping to third place. According to Political Analyst Scott Hughes, the numbers are from ‘a well respected polling firm’ in Baton Rouge.
The poll shows Glover in the lead, followed by Cox, Wooley and Roy Burrell.
Glover 39%
Cox 22%
Wooley 14%
Roy Burrell 9%
Wooley has responded with a press release saying that he has begun overnight tracking polls. The results of the Wooley poll are:
Bryan Wooley – 33%
Cedric Glover – 16%
Roy Burrell – 9%
David Cox – 3%
I don’t know who is doing Wooley’s polling.

Shootout in Council District D
The race for Shreveport City council District D is heating up. This morning the Times endorsed Independent Phillip Templeton for the spot. Meanwhile, Deanna Candler issued a press release saying that half of Michael Corbin’s campaign has been finance by special interests. The special interests she is referring to are friends, family and legal entities associated with James Ballangee.
Ballangee owns property in front of Spring Lake and was denied a zoning request to build a used car lot at the location last year.
Corbin responded by saying “Before qualifying, I met with leaders of the Spring Lake Neighborhood Association (Phil Serio and Larry Russo) and gave them my promise that I would in no way support a car lot at the proposed location in Spring Lake. Additionally, when I met with the Republican PEC the question came up and I gave the same answer. In the past two weeks my wife and I have knocked on every door in Spring Lake (not just registered voters). One household had a question about my position on the car lot. The car lot is not an issue.
As the front runner in the Council race I would expect other candidates to attack and get the focus away from the real issues in District D.
When all campaign reporting is filed it will reflect a diverse base of donors. If the focus is only on the earliest reports which reflect contributions in 2009 then yes, a considerable amount of my early support is from Ballengee interests. All contributions are legal, reported appropriately and filed timely. It is interesting that there is so much focus on a single supporter of my campaign when he has also made contributions to Mayoral and other Council candidates.
I would encourage the voters, bloggers and candidates, to focus on the issues our City and Council District face and the experience each candidate brings to the race.”

Diverse race in District B
Jeff Everson, Craig B. Lee, Deborah Allen and Sheva Sims are vying for the Downtown/Highland area District B. Allen is, to my knowledge, the first person in a Shreveport race to have an ad geared to Latinos.


  1. Other poll numbers done by a polling firm.
    Glover 32%
    Cox 22%
    Ward 15%
    Bruhnke 10%
    Burrell 10%
    Wooley 8%
    Jones 2%
    Goeders 1%

  2. Obviously Bryan polled his friends and family, it's really a shame that 16% of those people aren't even voting for him lol. On a serious note, why don't we just wait for Saturday night to see where the real numbers are

  3. If you remember in the Wings and Limo post how "Bryan" was defending himself and telling everyone that we don't know what we were talking about....

    This should be proof that Wooley is a self absorbed moron.

  4. Corbin thinks he's the front runner?? I have yet to see polls out of D, so I guess he just means that since he has the most money then he should win.
    I am very curious about the car lot ties- do you have more info on this?

  5. A "well respected" polling firm should have no problem posting these results themselves.

    Whoever payed for this is wasting their money since this info is only being posted to blogs.

    This could seriously be used to impact the election.

    Why are they being subtle?

  6. KTBS did not release these numbers! Gerry May posted it on his blog. This is not an official story,

  7. I only understood a few words in her ad. Guess I need to brush up on my Spanish.

    As far as Gerry May posting "from a trusted source", I think it's a little asinine to do that. Protect his source - on polling numbers? Huh?

    Here's a novel suggestion: Have KTBS do their own poll.

    In the end, it won't matter. The "other four" don't stand a snowball's chance in h*ll. They tend to be fighting among themselves, while Glover is going to smile all the way back to his office.

    That's a shame...


  8. I don't know what constitutes an 'official' story at KTBS. It was published on their website, whether in news or on Gerry's blog. I take it for what it's worth.
    Rex, you're right on. The other candidates are not focusing on the incumbent, but on each other. That is a classic mistake.

  9. Gerry,

    Dan Rather called, he wants his election crystal ball back---


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