Wednesday, September 29, 2010

U. S. District Judge: Walker Place lawsuit will proceed

U. S. District Judge Maurice Hicks has denied Bossier City’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit brought by the U. L. Coleman Company. The motion to dismiss by the city was denied except for liability of the Permit Office. They are not liable because they are not a policy making body.
Of course, this doesn’t mean that U. L. Coleman has won the lawsuit – it just means that the judge believes that on its face, there is cause to continue.
The next step will be a scheduling conference.
You can see the ruling at the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party website or read more about it at Vote the Record.


  1. The only person that cares about this is evoda springer and the litigants - i find it highly unusual that she would use her influence with the tea party to engage in some personal litigation. There is no tea party issue here - it is a matter of do we want another airline drive or do we want a parkway - i have always thought evodna was above personal politics and did this for the good of the order - does not seem so anymore

  2. There is a Tea Party interest in that the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party works to make Shreveport and Bossier a business-friendly area, something which cannot be achieved when bound by a City Council filled with "Rancor", and "hostile" (the judges words, not mine) to developers like Mr. Coleman.

    Where is the "personal politics" connection between Coleman and Springer?

  3. I wonder why anyone would suspect ms springer - a residential real estate sales person would be championing so voraciously - a residential real estate project - I know - hard to imagine why she would want to be its champion

  4. Evodna has stated that she has no personal or business interest in Walker Place. If she did, she would say so, she is not a dishonest person.


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