Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Don't Taught the Cops, they may get mad

For the past few days I've been gathering local media bloopers.  I'm sparing no one.
We'll start with the headline on KTBS' website:
Herbal Incense Wreaks Of Controversy
Umm, that would be 'reeks' of controvery.

From The Times, a caption on a photo.
The Honorable Elizabeth Foote gives her brother the Honorable John Joseph Erny a hug after he administrates the oath during the installment of Foote at the United States Court House.
'Administrate' is not a word.  You administer an oath, after the fact it has been administered.  The event that occured would have been the administration of the oath.

Back to KTBS:
Parents are fingerprinted at state offices and their kids are registered, then they are scanned as they kids are dropped off and picked up each day.
As 'they' kids are dropped off?  Really?

Also from KTBS:
Earlier, White got inside a sheriff’s vehicle and used the radio to taught officers.
Nanny, nanny boo boo - I'm taughting you.  This would go along with those taughting penalties you see in football.

Finally, from KSLA:
The crime allegedly originated, according to Sheriff Victor overseas, in the country of Romania.
The story did not specify at what location overseas Sheriff Victor was when he made the statement.


  1. When I was teaching, I used the local newspaper for the purpose of giving extra credit to students who could find errors in it. Not hard to do. There were plenty.

  2. And the sad part of it all is how those in the media, for the most part, think they are so intelligent and tells us how we should vote. But then there are a lot of stupid people who buys what they are seliing.

  3. To be fair, our state slogan has become "Who dat!"

  4. Layers of editorial oversight...That's the ticket!

  5. "As 'they' kids are dropped off? Really?"

    Of course, that should be "As they kids be dropped off."

  6. For all intensive purposes, we'll just have to make due with the media we've got, not the one we wish had.


  7. Nyuk! Donna B., it's "We'll make doo."

  8. "we'll make doo" makes perfect sense. See scat singing.


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