Friday, September 10, 2010

Two arrested for simple battery

Guidry (L) Bravo (R)
Two Bossier City women were arrested Wednesday afternoon for simple battery, said Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen.
Taah Marie Guidry, 32, and Tiffany Lynn Bravo, 29, both of Southgate Drive, were taken into custody after the women admitted to pushing and scratching one another during an argument about their vehicle. Bossier Sheriff’s deputies say the two women had purchased a new car the day before and had it registered in both of their names. They disagreed when Guidry said she wanted to take it to South Louisiana and that led to a verbal confrontation, then a physical altercation.
Bravo, who also had a warrant issued out of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, was transported to the Bossier Maximum Security Facility, along with Guidry. Their bonds are pending.
From Bossier Parish Sheriff

I have absolutely no comment nor any additional remarks.


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  2. Those are some bad lookin dudes!!!


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