Thursday, September 16, 2010

'Weeding' them out - Shreveport Police Officer arrested

Shreveport Police Chief Willie Shaw has placed Officer Eddie Williams on administrative leave pending an internal investigation.
Williams was arrested after a Friday night incident in which Timothy McCall was arrested on Greenwood Road by SPD narcotics agents for drinking in public and resisting an officer.
When Williams was dispatched to transport the prisoner, he searched him, removed something from his pocket and handed it to a female standing nearby.
A supervisor witnessed the handoff and detained the woman. The 'something' was a bag of marijuana. (I love the way the media cover themselves by saying 'suspected' marijuana.  I'll take my chances, it wasn't a baggie of parsley or basil).
Williams, a 4 year veteran of the department, has been charged with malfeasance and obstruction of justice.


  1. Good for SPD cleaning house. But,I don't care what is going on across the river. What is going on with Bossier? This is My Bossier.

  2. I'm working on a couple of things. Any suggestions?

  3. What happens across the river affects Bossier...

  4. jim -please post article from times about air repair restitution - its in times today -
    Bossier School Board - restitution.



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