Friday, March 12, 2010

Bossier City father charged with fracturing 2-month old's skull

Nicholas Edwin Selser of Bossier City has been arrested for fracturing his two month old son's skull.
Officials say he threw the child onto a couch because he wouldn't take his bottle. The child's head hit a wooden section of the armrest resulting in a fractured skull.
The baby is in ICU at Christus Schumpert in fair condition.

Story in The Times


  1. Sorry, this is not a father. This is a big kid/bully throwing a childish tantrum thinking a child this age will learn. Girls, listen to your parents and friends when they tell you he is bad news. Take your time to evaluate him, at least a year. It took almost that long before my daughters BF's temper came out. Father's back your daughters if she wants out. I would have gone to jail for my daughter and she knew it and she knew I was ok with her leaving him while they were dating. Where'd all that come from? Maybe I will post my thoughts on dating on my blog one day soon. Everyone will think I am crazy, but it is Biblical and works. Fathers if you have a temper, don't let yourselves be left alone with a child cause they can try what little patience you have. Fathers give your daughters the attention they need or they will jump at the attention the first boy shows her and she may be introducing you to her BF named Snake.

  2. Darrell, I hope you will consider doing that blog post.
    (Click on Darrell's name - it will take you to his profile and you can link to his blog, or look for "My God's been Good" on the sidebar of My Bossier.)

  3. Darrell, I would love to read your experiences with these things. I do not have a daughter (only four sons). I often thank God that I did not. I am quite sure I would be in prison now if I had a daughter...and some worthless trash would be in the ground.

    Obviously, God knows WHO can handle the pressure of a daughter, and WHO can not. I'm with Jim...if you write it, I will read.

  4. I count my blessings every time I think about the wonderful men my 3 daughters married.

  5. Please remove this as it does not contain factual content.


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