Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Six Firefighters trained by Bossier go to Shreveport

This morning, Shreveport Fire Department will kick off its 53rd Basic Training class which includes firefighters who recently were laid off in Bossier City.
The class will be a five week abbreviated version of the department’s normal 18-22 week training class.
“We are honored to bring these firefighters into the Shreveport Fire department family and look forward to their immediate service to our department and the citizens of Shreveport,” Chief Brian Crawford said.
The class consists of six Bossier City firefighters, who were laid off due to city budget cuts; one City of Natchitoches firefighter; and one firefighter from south Bossier Parish Fire District.
The Times
Congratulations to each of these individuals. I'm glad that Shreveport needs them and can afford to offer them employment.


  1. I'm glad the fellows found employment in this rough economy.

    I have been chastised on this very blog for throwing around the word "hero" when it comes to those guys that just sit around all day navel-gazing, playing ping-pong, and getting the crazy cat-lady's 87th feline down from a tree.

    But, I know there is something inside a FireFighter that wants to fight fires, and save/help others.

    I'm happy for these fellows that they can now earn a living in their chosen field. I mean, it'd probably suck to be a FireFighter at heart, and have to greet folks at WalMart...or clerk at CircleK. (Not that there is anything wrong with those jobs).

    I know how it feels to be "cut out" for something, and not be doing it.

  2. Andy, I'm happy that they are able to do what they trained for without being relocated.
    As to being called names, when I go to your blog the commenters are all very nice. You come over hear and get called a bonehead.
    What can I say? I have a rowdy bunch of commenters.

  3. Maybe Andy should go visit Gerry's site for a while and come back here. Ouch!! Lol. Anyways, I am happy for anyone who gets to do what they like where they want to. I have to say thanks to the fireman. I saw a car wreck yesterday and hopped out to help one of the drivers who had gotten out of her car and was half laying on the sidewalk complaining of having hit her head and her neck was hurting and her knees. I had her neck still and the firemen just happened to drive by at that time and took over. And were so competent and professional. Training pays off.

  4. You three gentlemen might be interested in the South Bossier Republicans meeting held @ USA Cafe on Barksdale every 3rd Thursday morning of the month. Extra special guests tomorrow discussing why we should vote for the upcoming tax renewal, Lo(Mute)Walker and Fire Chief Halphen. Should be fun 6:30am.

  5. Correction.... 7:30am

  6. I'm just extremely happy the news media is covering this and keeping it fresh on the Bossier voter's minds. Do not forget why they were laid off come election time. Walker and the rest of the city council need to be replaced for their incompetence.


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