Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Stripper vs The Zipper: Stormy seeks to unseat Vitter

Opinionated Catholic is reporting that Stormy Daniels appears to be ready to throw her hat – or something – into the ring and announce for the U. S. Senate against Republican David Vitter.
At one time Stormy said that if Vitter wouldn’t meet her in a debate, she’d be happy to take him on in a wrestling match.
All in favor of the wrestling option raise your hand!


  1. Stormy will win if she gets in the race because Vitter has lost the moral high ground and she will be a novelty. My opinion.

  2. Stormy is STRAIGHT and doesn't lie about selling to out special interest. It looks like Diaper DAVE and his very very best friend Kurt Engelhardt sold out the Katrina and Rita survivors that FEMA poisoned. http://www.toxictrailers.org/2010/03/toxic-court-stacks-deck-against.html

  3. Jim, you do have a way with headlines!!! This cracks me up!

  4. Thanks, I kinda liked that one myself :-)

  5. With all the @#$%^&*(@# in Washington, D.C. Stormy would fit right in if she won.

  6. Can you imagine the great deals she can cut for louisiana with those assets - stormy in 2010

  7. Wish we had her when Bill Clinton was prez . .

  8. Heh! Got me on that one, G. R.


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