Friday, March 26, 2010

Confederate Cemetery at Keatchie

Lost in time, nestled under the pine trees in DeSoto Parish, is the Confederate Memorial Cemetery. After the battle of Mansfield, Keachie College was turned into a hospital to care for the wounded. The 2nd floor was made into a morgue.
I stopped there today to get these pictures to share with you. White irises were blooming at several places in the cemetery, leaving that sickly sweet smell hanging in the air, that smell that we associate with death.


  1. let me see if i can help you break your record for number of comments.

    who cares about a bunch of dead slavery defending traitors?

    1. Sthu, obviously you cared enough to come here and comment! jerk. Why come here to spew you're uneducated opinion?

    2. Sthu, obviously you cared enough to come here and comment! jerk. Why come here to spew you're uneducated opinion?

  2. You do have a way with words, Wheeler :-)

  3. Let me first say I am totally against slavery as it occured in our nation and I am glad it died in this nation. But I wander if I was alive at the time how I would have reacted. States right were more prevalent then. And I am sure many who did not support slavery fought to defend their homes and families and felt loyalty to their friends. I don't know how we could label them all as traitors. We might come up with a different word for them if they had done otherwise and turned their backs on their friends and families. It was a tragic event in our nations history.

  4. Obviously Wheeler did not receive much training in Southern History when he was in the public school system.

    Almost none of the Confederate Soldiers came from families that owned slaves. In fact, the percentage of slave-owning Southerners was tiny.

    The war was about much more than slavery. In fact, "slavery" only became an issue as Lincoln realized that the Union was losing heart, and threw it as his "ace in the hole" to stir some resolve among the Northern States.

    Lincoln was a racist that viewed the "negro as inferior" to the white. Look it up, Wheeler!

    Oh, it's useless...I once revered Lincoln until I took the time to truly study his life...his speeches...his writings.

    Wheeler never will. He'd rather just bash people that died defending their homes in an era which he obviously has no historical understanding of.

    That's sad.

  5. What I find amusing is depending on person's view is how one refers to the Civil War. The North called it "The War of the Southern Rebellion," while the South called it "The War Against Northern Aggression."

    In spite of what history tells us Lee didn't surrender his sword at Appomattox. In reality that thieving Grant stole Lee's sword, and Lee was too much of gentleman to ask for its return.

  6. I take offense to deparging remarks about confederate dead buried there. Many there did not own slaves. Btw, next to it is the predominately black cemetery where my ancestors are buried. There relatives served in confederate who are buried in that confederate cemetery.

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