Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mother of boy charged in Rusheon Rape says it was all girl's fault

Ben Wolf of KSLA interviewed the mother of the boy charged with simple rape in the Rusheon Middle School Incident. She just can’t believe she had to bond her 14 year old son out of jail on a rape charge. This is her version of the story.
1. It’s racial profiling (the girl victim was black, the arresting officer white).
2. The girl pulled her son into the bathroom, he didn’t force her. She is responsible for the entire incident.
3. It was just the fact of the young lady going down and coming up. It happened just that fast. So how can you call that rape?
I’m not going to say anything else, I have my opinion of what this young man’s problem may be. You can watch the entire interview here.


  1. Heh! You beat me to it, Jim! I was just posting the same link. I watched that last night, and well...what can I say?


  2. "I can look at it as racial profiling - I can look at it however I wanna look at it".

    Well there you have it folks. It's just that simple.

    Shame on KSLA for even questioning the BCPD on this ridiculous and all too convenient claim. When you entertain the concept (inquire)... you indirectly further the injustice behind it.

    Stop giving the floor to every black person who (allegedly in this case) commits a crime and can't scream "racism" fast enough. That's one of the biggest problems of our neighbor across the bridge - and one of the reasons why the living conditions and quality of life differs between here and there like night and day. The BCPD has NEVER entertained these "convenience claims" and the media shouldn't either. A fire can't grow without fuel.

    Love the covert ops with the giant plant leaf by the way - now thats spontaneous ingenuity at it's finest.

  3. @DieHardDano

    On one hand I agree that KSLA shouldn't give a voice to every wacko. On the other hand, I think it's pretty evident that she is a wacko and the only thing that gets hurt from the report is KSLA.

  4. I agree. This kind of reporting is why nobody watches ksla. they have always tried to sensationalize yevents into things they are not.

  5. I actually subjected myself to the "entire" interview that KSLA posted on their site. After watching the whole thing (about 15 minutes long), I really believe that someone in charge of video editing at KSLA is doing their best to paint this woman in a bad light.

    Okay, she is obviously not the best spokesperson. And, she does throw out the obligatory, "racial profiling," idiocy. And, she used the slang term of "went down," etc.

    But, KSLA chose to use those few clips from a very long (painful to watch) interview. The woman did make a few valid points in the long version.

    I don't know what happened. I was not there. But, many doubts have been raised in my mind as to how this all went down. Someone commented in the previous post about this thing that the girl left the bathroom...then came back in, and is lying because she got caught. I do not know "how" the commenter knows this, or if it is a fact.

    Regardless, I'm not ready to convict this kid for "rape" just yet. He's got enough problems already (if you know what I mean).

  6. I think the rape charge is a little strong. Problem is, being juvies we will never know any details other than those the PD wants to put out. That's a good thing so far as protecting kids, but it doesn't offer much protection to the accused. Just because they can't release the name doesn't mean no one knows. Heck, either one of us could have his name in just a few minutes if we desired to.

  7. If someone forced you to perform oral sex when you didn't have a desire to do so, then you would not be saying that a rape charge is a little strong.

  8. Realist, you may be right, just seems to me that they might have started with aggravated sexual battery. Of course, they will most likely plead in down in any event if he is guilty.

  9. If it was my little girl that he harmed in that manner, I would seriously consider spending the rest of my life in prison to rid the earth of such a varmint. The authorities are not likely to do any more than slap him on the wrist. That mother on TV saying that she "can look at it however I wanna look at it" is not the only person who is looking at it.
    The claim that the girl cried rape because she got caught can not be true because the only adult left at the school at that time was the band director who was in his office and did not know anything about the situation until the police were investigating. That is just the story being told by the three males who ganged up on the two females to rape them.


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