Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Double Dipper Bank Robber Caught

Citizens National Bank on Benton Road was robbed again this morning just after 10AM. Police believe that it was the same man who robbed the bank about two weeks ago.
This time he was caught, with the money.
I'll have more details as they come in, hopefully with a name and a picture. We all want to know what someone this stupid looks like.
UPDATE: His name is Ronald Lee Broset. Here's the video from KTBS.


  1. Looks like a real winner, bet this isn't his first time.

  2. Heh! The second bite at the apple, and the old boy chomped a worm.

    Something's wrong, though! Everybody knows that all criminals in Bossier are black. I'm betting he was framed.

  3. Any good businessman is going to attempt to perpetuate a profitable scenario. Apparently he didn't study all of the economic indicators or he would have realized that the bank wanted to keep the money.
    I think about now he is preparing to go into license plate manufacturing.

  4. Maybe Shreveport revoked his bridge pass so he had to do his business at home.

  5. Jim, and notcedricglover,


  6. Good thing they caught this genius. He could have been planning a robbery like Brinks job that happened years ago.


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