Thursday, March 25, 2010

Losing their religion

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen said Andy Duane Allen Hensley, 43, and Tina Renee Cason, 38, were at their home on Cindy Lane (yep, that’s in Haughton!) Wednesday night when a discussion about religion led to an argument.
Deputies said Hensley told them his girlfriend started swinging at him and he pushed her into the refrigerator.
Both face charges of domestic abuse battery. Hensley was taken to jail; Cason was issued a summons to come to court to answer the charges because she has a 14-year-old son who has no one to care for him, Deen said.

Another Haughton couple was arrested Monday night for domestic abuse battery.
Clyde Davis, 52, and Joe A. Davis, 55, both of the 600 block of Joe Lewis Road, were taken into custody after they got involved in a physical altercation at their house. The verbal confrontation became physical after Clyde Davis put his wife, Joe Davis, in a headlock. Joe Davis, who was armed with a pistol, bit her husband on the arm.
The two ended up on the ground and started wrestling. At that point, Joe Davis dropped her pistol and secured herself in the house. She told Bossier Sheriff’s deputies she then heard one round discharge from the gun as she was calling the Bossier Sheriff’s Department. Clyde Davis would not tell deputies if he fired the pistol. He told them he simply put the gun in his truck.
The couple was transported to the Bossier Maximum Security Facility and booked. Their bonds are pending.
Courtesy Bossier Sheriff


  1. They just gave her a ticket so she could watch her 14 year old boy. I have a better idea.

  2. So sad. :( I have found what they are looking for though.

  3. I heard these folks were members at spirit wind - and after a great revival message about the end of days - they went home to discuss their duties under plan exodus - hensley doing all the protectin and the wife tendin to the men for support to keep from being shot at - but she wanted to shoot the 50 cal and ride in the war wagon - so hensley had to put her in her place - and I tried to tell you + operation exodus was dangerous - this proves it

  4. Sounds to me like "Operation Jack Daniels" instead.

    And Darrell is right.

  5. Andy, it is interesting you mentioned Jack Daniels, I actually know him. In fact I talked to him yesterday. And I am not talking about the drink.

  6. Yeah, I knew a Jack Daniels once. And, a Tom Collins.

    Not the drink...

  7. lots of domestic abuse against women going on in Haughton. What kind of dad would let his daughter get married and move to Haughton?


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