Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Day at My Bossier

Today is funny day at My Bossier (no politicians involved). I must have a weird sense of humor, I found these so hilarious. I put Total Eclipse of the Heart on Facebook and didn’t draw one single comment.
Here’s the deal, what if the people in music videos were singing about what the video is actually showing? Like I said, I think they’re funny. Maybe I just have a warped sense of humor.
Well, not as warped as Andy, but maybe just a little.
Check these out, don’t you think they’re funny too?

Penny Lane

Daydream Believer

Total Eclipse of the Heart


  1. This was hysterical. I feel bad for people who can't laugh at this type of stuff. I especially liked "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

  2. Jim...


    Oh man...I am seriously laughing my once prominent backside off!!!!

    Dude, that stuff is funnier than Barbara Norton and Cedric eating lunch at Barnhill's. Oh man...that Monkeys' vid just killed me. And the Four Horsemen of Liverpool...oh man...

    I am pretty sure that Mybossier wins the funny gold medal today! My kudos...

    Oh're gonna owe me for a new monitor...oh man...

  3. I told 'em you're more warped than I am. . . .

  4. Oh yeah...forgot to thank for the link. I love being linked to with the term "warped." It gives me a "warm fuzzy."

    Dunno! Maybe we needs to make us a contest to see who can be mo' wapped w/o steppin' over the line.

    Hey! I'll e-mail you an idear...

  5. Apparently bloggers just have a more refined sense of humor - or not!


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