Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Deputies find nine year old Lake Charles boy tied to doorknob with a dog leash

A 27-year-old Lake Charles woman has been charged with 25 counts of cruelty to a juvenile after deputies found her 9-year-old stepson malnourished and tied up in a room.
Jaime B. Day was also booked with two counts of second-degree cruelty. A judge set her bond at $5.5 million.
Her husband, 30-year-old Murry Dalton Day, was booked with five counts of cruelty and one count of second-degree cruelty. His bond was set at $2 million. Murry Day turned himself in Tuesday.
The Times

According to the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's office, deputies found the boy tied to a door knob with a dog leash. He weighed about 38 pounds.
A nine year old boy, 38 pounds. Tied with a dog leash. How do you even begin to understand what they were thinking.
If you are a praying person, pray for this child. And deliver us from evil.


  1. I just can't comment on this without saying something bad.

  2. This absolutely makes my skin crawl....With those bonds, they will not be free until they get thankful for that. And I do pray for that young boy now. But he is getting more than just my prayers.

  3. There is no excuse to what happened. NONE!

    The sad thing is is this piece of human debris will sit in her cell and be fed, clothed, and have all her necessisties taken care of. Too bad we don't practice an eye for an eye.

  4. You know, a 9 year old boy tied to a door knob with a leash would try to get loose unless he was tied otherwise or his spirit has been broken and fear was instilled in him. I believe the latter 2 to be th case. God loans us children to be raised to know Him in a close, loving intimate relationship. Get it? He loans them to us, they are His. He places them in our care and expects us (fathers) to give them back to Him in better shape than He gave them to us. And since children get their image of God from the fathers. We have to mirror Christ (the servant, savior, Lord) not dictator, to our family. I wish I could remember the verse number, "if anyone causes one of these little ones to stumble, it woul be better that person have a millstone hung around his neck and thowed in the creek" my paraphrase. Well let's just say we are all held accountable, but something like this just knocks the milk bucket over.

  5. Jim, I almost vomited when I read this earlier. Seriously.

    It reminded me of the old days in Romania when Ceausescu was holding kids in cages, in order to sell them for God knows what...(my oldest son served time as a missionary in Romania...and the stories he could tell did make me hurl).

    Thank God that the judge set bail so high that these folks can not possibly grab together enough money to ever get out.

    9 years old...38 pounds... keyboard is getting wet. Poor child. Deliver us from evil. Merciful Jesus, please bless that child.

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  7. I just noticed channel 3 said the boy is back at school and gaining weight. Good news.


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