Monday, March 15, 2010

Cyber Innovation Center foots $2,000 booze bill at Mardi Gras Dinner

Alison Bath and Adam Causey of The Times are still extracting (slowly, painfully) information from local officials about expenditures at the Washington Mardi Gras.
The six Bossier Parish police jurors have agreed to repay their share of one social event as well as their part at a $1,470 luncheon with the Caddo Commission.
The jurors receive a per diem allowance when they are traveling.
Bossier's $100,000 per year lobbyist also made it clear that the Cyber Innovation Center will be paying $2,070 tab for booze at a dinner on January 22. Caddo and Bossier split the $2,600 cost of the food.
Read the entire story in The Times


  1. I thought the "Cyber Innovation Center" was that boon-doggle building over there between I-20 and HWY 80. How can a big empty building buy booze for that bunch of drunks?

  2. I figure it's so they can claim that CIC is a 'private' organization and they can escape the heat for two grand's worth of booze at a dinner.

  3. If the CIC is a private then where does their income come from? Do you know Jim?

  4. $107,000,000 from the Taxpayers. And they are a 'private' entity, just operating on taxpayer money.

  5. What other private entities are operating on public money? Just curious.

  6. This is probably the same crew who had already been to a kegger and got smashed when the came up with the idea to build the CIC.


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