Monday, March 22, 2010

A Fascist Socialist State?

The nation is split over the decision of the congress to pass the Obama healthcare bill. To be honest, the nation was already split, this is just a manifestation of that fact.
I have seen a lot of commentaries today about our country ‘plunging into socialism’. We’re not plunging anywhere, we’ve been there since before I was born (and that’s a long time ago).
Don’t think so? What do you think Social Security is? Medicare? Medicaid? WIC? AFDC?
That doesn’t even touch the corporate welfare that is putting us trillions of dollars in debt. Of course, that corporate welfare is more fascist than socialist, but I guess the two could combine and make a socialist-fascist state. Has that ever been tried before?
As to the people who are crying about the healthcare bill being unconstitutional, of course it is. So were all of the others. The constitution provides that any powers not enumerated to the Federal Government belong to the states.
Just for the record on the constitutionality of the new law: Some of the ‘Conservative Republicans’ who are up in arms because of the constitutional aspects were strangely silent (or not) when they voted for the infamous ‘Patriot Act’, which clearly raped and pillaged that document.
We like to think that the people we elect to represent us vote their conscience, and not a party line. Perhaps they did, but when every Republican in the House voted no, it certainly looks like a political gambit to me. Ditto the Dems.
If the "R"s are so worried about big spending, where were they when they had control of both houses and the executive? I'll tell you where they were, they were sidled up to the trough.
When Social Security was passed in 1935, the vote wasn’t nearly as polarized. When the final vote was counted, 284 Democrats voted yes, 15 no, and 20 did not vote. 81 Republicans voted yes, 15 no, 4 didn’t vote, and 2 voted present.
When the final vote on Medicare was tallied, 237 Democrats had voted yes, 48 no. 70 Republicans voted yes and 68 no.
Where do we go from here? One thing is certain, if you keep voting “R”s and “D”s into office, you’re going to get the same thing you’ve had for all of our lives.
I say a pox on both of their houses.
You want to undo socialism? I'm with you. Repeal Social Security, Medicare, Healthcare and a myriad of other socialist programs (including the Patriot Act).
Want to live by the constitution? Then embrace the whole thing; it's not a buffet that you can choose from.
I'm through. For now.
(Want some interesting reading? Check out the original debate on the Social Security Bill.)


  1. what aggravated me most about the whole health care "debate" was that the whole thing was about ridiculous non-issues like death panels or else scary words like socialism and none of it was about whether the bill would work or not.

  2. Jim, Are you proposing a 3rd party?? the problem with that is it would with out a doubt be a conservative party that would not succeed and rob votes from our flawed existing conservative party and neither would succeed. I think that these social programs should have verbiage that defines people that use/abuse government programs as unfit to vote. I also think that if someone does not own property they should not be able to vote on property tax issues. This would eliminate the gimme gimme voters that elected that "long legged mack daddy" that is in the white house. I CAN'T STAND HIM!!!!! Obama is nothing more than a pepsi commercial that a bunch of idiots bought into to hopefully get something for nothing!!! Hope and Change????? I am tired of seeing 40% of my paycheck going to this GARBAGE! We as a "free country" now pander to the sick lame and lazy!

  3. wheeler! whether it will work or not it will still destroy what is promised in our constitution!!! if the government made it mandatory that we eat nothing but salads and exercised daily that would work but we would become government property!!! WAKE UP!!!

  4. at the end of my previous comment, please insert the following:

    "for example, see the maniacal ravings in the next two comments"

    do you use anonymous because you have an easier time spelling it than your real name?

  5. Sadly Jim, it's never gonna happen. The repeal of any entitlement is impossible. Nobody would ever get elected running on a promise to repeal SS, or Medicare. Welfare, and Medicaid, maybe.

    We're too far down the road to socialism. We're going to have to experience a total collapse. I hate to say it, but I know it to be true.

    Liberty is gonna have to go back and start from scratch.

    wheeler, whether it works or not was never a question in my mind. I don't care if it works, or not.

    It's the grab of liberty that I object to. Never in US history has law required a citizen to buy a product...and then made them a teet sucker of The State if they can't afford it.

  6. Just a thougt. How has entitlements changed the character of this nation? Peope in this nation before these entitlements started were self reliant and helped each other. Now have we gone as far as to think it is our right to be taken care of? Just 2 examples. A couple of years back I was called to put in a video intercom, electronic door release and panic button at 2 churches that had alocated a certain amount of money each week to help people with their light bills. It was first come first serve. After the funds ran out, they were turned away until the folowing week. At this point they turned violent. Did they believe they had a right to this money? In a couple generations if the US can't fund these entitlements anymore will things turn violent? Next I went on a mission trip to Mobile Al and took some kids with me. During the course of the week we fed the people. We had to make the plates as they went by. Many times we were informed what to put on the plate and do it now and don't short me anything. And with attitude. Most of the time with no thanks, but more of a demanding attitude. I believe we should help people and will go back this year and do it again. But I am afraid as Andy said we are beginning to believe we have a right and are addicted to sucking on that old mother hog. As I said maybe our nation is moving from a charActer of self sufficiency and helping each other to demanding and believing we have a right to be taken care of by the government and others.

  7. Wheeler, I agree with you about the 'death panels'. As anyone who has lost a family member to cancer knows, there is already plenty end of life counseling.
    To me the issue is that the federal government doesn't (or shouldn't) have the power to do this (mandated healthcare) under the constitution. I do believe that the states possess the power to do it, although I don't think they should.

    Andy, I am more of a realist than I sound at times. I know that the genie can't be put back into the bottle. I have always believed that it was a good thing to be pragmatic. In the past 3 or 4 years I have changed my mind. I'd rather be idealistic, even knowing that it may be a fool's errand. I'm tired of being practical, I want to speak for what I believe to be right - and that's what I will do.

    Anon at 10:51PM - I am not proposing a third party, I am proposing no parties. How about some good qualified individuals who don't have to pay tribute to a party heirarchy?

    Darrell, I agree with everything you just said.


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