Friday, March 12, 2010

Officer involved in macing on leave from Linwood Middle School

Are you kidding me? They should give him a medal. I won't go on a rant, but I easily could.
He had 3 choices:
1. Ignore the fight (he would be damned if he did).
2. Charge in and physically separate the students (he would be damned if he did).
3. Spray some mace into the air to dispel the unruly thugs (he did and was damned).
He took the more prudent action and where does it get him?
One thing for sure, I doubt that it will break his heart if he never sees the school again.
According to Channel 3, There's new information about yesterday's incident at Linwood Public Charter School. The school resource officer who sprayed mace into a crowd to break up a fight is now on leave from the school, pending an outcome of the investigation.
Shreveport Police Sgt. Joey Willis sprayed mace into the air while trying to break up a fight between two girls. Thirty students and teachers were hit with the mace. Paramedics were called to the school to treat them.
In his statement, Officer Willis says he thought there was a riot or multiple fights going on when he arrived at the scene. He says that's why he chose to use mace to break it up. But officials say that's not necessarily the school's policy.


  1. as a teacher, i can tell you that in the eyes of the bureaucrats discipline problems are always the teacher's fault. in this situation that logic is just being extended to the cop.

    as for the two in the fight? they'll be back in class monday.

  2. School administration is pathetic from everything I hear, and most of that is from teachers.
    It is a sad commentary.

  3. here's a simple answer to the problem. If the school administration doesn't want police involvement in the situation they need to handle it themselves. Once the police is called, it's a police matter and no longer a school matter, period.

    How much do you want to bet that the ones who got sprayed were standing around cheering on the fighters and wouldn't disperse when the SRO told them to, hmmmmm?

  4. I saw the coverage the night of the event. If it's not typical...

    Of course, a parent has to say "this wouldn't happen at Middle Magnet!" I didn't go back and watch the video, but it was something like that.

    Well, he might be right, if you think about it long enough. Jeepers, I get so sick of hearing people attach race (and, you know that's what he meant) to everything! Sick, I tell ya'!

  5. If the children had not be standing there watching and encouraging the fight they would not have been affected by the spray.

  6. That officer's actions were totally justified! As usual, parents do not accept responsibility for their kid's actions. As usual, Chief Whitehorn does not stand up for his officers. If I lived in Shreveport, I would be making a fast track to the country because that city is going to hell in a hand basket.


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