Friday, March 12, 2010

Latest information on missing Haughton woman

We have posted on this already, but it is really troubling. I can't help but wonder what any of us would do if this was a member of our family. Apparently Ms. Miller has medical problems, and according to this release seemed to be confused when last seen.

From the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office:
We still need your help in locating Nancy Miller of Haughton.
Nancy Miller, 39, of East Highland Mobile Home Park in Haughton, according to earlier reports, was last seen on Wednesday, March 3rd at home by her father.
We have gained information revealing that Nancy may have walked into a local store and then down Hwy. 80 on Thursday, March 4th. A witness stated that they saw someone fitting Nancy’s description walk into Reflections on Hwy. 80, across from East Highland Mobile Home Park. The female opened the door, walked into the doorway, looking confused. She then turned around and walked out and across Hwy. 80 toward the westbound lane. She was wearing a blue housecoat or robe with jogging pants and no shoes. Nancy’s parents confirm that the blue housecoat that she often wears is missing from her home and none of her shoes are gone.
Additionally, canine trackers have confirmed the story of the witness. The canine was able to track Nancy’s scent from her home to the Reflections doorway, back out onto Hwy. 80.
Investigators believe that Nancy may have gotten into a car with someone along the highway. They have sent out two B.O.L.O. (be on the lookout) notices to neighboring states and law enforcement agencies in the area.
Nancy is described as being 5’ 6” tall and around 240 pounds. She has dark reddish-brown, auburn hair.
We are urging anyone who may have seen someone fitting Nancy’s description to call the Bossier Sheriff’s Office at 318-965-2203.


  1. I feel for the family. My niece was missing for a few days before they found her and the family was just besides themselves. We scoured the country side looking for her. I hope their ending was better than ours.

  2. This is my great aunt and uncle's daughter. We pray for the safe recovery of her. Thank you for putting the word out there. We are all very worried about Nancy.

  3. thank you for putting this online...I am Nancy's oldest sister. Nothing new to report (she has been missing two and a half weeks now). We are cleaning out her home and finding ourselves thinking of what to give to whom as if she isn't coming back. It is hard to hope.


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