Monday, October 25, 2010

Bossier City Police Department promotes 5

Deputy Chief Royce Chapman, Deputy Chief Jimmy Stewart, Chief of Police Shane McWilliams,
Captain Thomas Black, Lt. Fred Gregory and Lt. Buster Henrikson.


  1. From Sgt. to Capt. in just over 3 years.... Tommy Black is a BEAST! Congrats to you TB.

  2. Just think Mike Halphen tried to get rid of the Deputy Chiefs position a few years ago. The fire and police reps on the civil service board where able to stop him. Congrats to the new Deputies.

  3. Before celebrating the speedy rise in rank of an idiot like T. Black, tell the history! Promoted to Sgt. in the 90's, Demoted back to CPL. In the early 2000's, later promoted back to Sgt. And again Demoted by to Cpl. He finally made it without being demoted for a while! Perfect example of what is wrong with civil service!

  4. Halphen tried to get rid of the Majors rank, not the Deputy Chief.
    Thank God that he's gone from that place, he was a nightmare.

  5. By making "appointed" Deputy Chiefs they did get rid of the majors rank.

  6. I am glad to see movement in the police ranks and I feel confident that we have a good group of new leadership in the police department for the years to come. Good luck gentlemen, make us proud!


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