Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Man receives 30 years for raping 89 year old nursing home patient

A Bossier Parish man who admitted he raped an 89-year-old nursing home patient was sentenced Tuesday to 30 years in prison
According to Bossier DA Schuyler Marvin, "He said he picked her because she couldn't defend herself."
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I won't say what I want to, just read it.


  1. 30 years! Are you kidding? All this scumbag got was 30 years? Let's just hope old Bubba, who's been locked up for a long, long time without affection, gets this darling for a cellmate and finds him to be helpless.

  2. I wonder what the longest sentence they'd have been able to get had they gone ahead on with murder charges.

    I guess maybe 2nd degree charges? I really don't know enough to speculate. But 30 years is not near long enough...especially if there is chance for parole.

    This whole deal is sickening. I don't know enough about the case to know if the victim's family was involved in the decision, or what. But, if it had been my helpless grandma, or mama, I'd have wanted more than a 30 year plea.

    I'm not gonna question it without knowing all the facts, but this scum got off light.

  3. Andy, I just looked up the law and there is a provision for killing people over sixty-five years of age that could have gotten the slimeball a First Degree Murder charge. I think the reason no murder charges were filed is there has to be an intent to kill the person. They could prove intent to rape but not the intent to kill. Either way the results were the same, and a totally helpless an innocent person died. What makes it worse is while this person was dying this horrible crime was probably being replayed in her memory. I do wish the evil bastard a hard time in prison.

  4. G.R., that's kind of what I figured. I'm pretty sure that intent could not have been proven. And, it might have been hard to make the case that the rape brought on the ultimate cause of death.

    I don't know. But, I'm with ya' on the hard time deal. Just pure evil...

  5. Rapists (and especially child rapists) should be eligible for the death penalty- I hate that SCOTUS struck down our law about that...

  6. I think the DA was wise in taking a plea giving this guy 30 years. I don't believe they could have done better. Getting a murder conviction with an 89 year old victim who was apparently in bad health would have been difficult.
    It would have been just, but the DA, I believe, did not want to take a chance on the guy walking.
    Now I intend to find out when he will be elibible for parole.

  7. Jim, I'd be interested to know that myself.

    Yeah, this one is a toughie. But I think I'd have had to go with what I was sure I could get, rather than hope for every domino to fall my way, and get a life sentence.

    And, this comes from a guy highly experienced in watching Law & Order on TV...not actually working in the real world of the Bossier DA's office.

    My great hope is that word gets around that the sick rascal did it to an old lady...and that there are a bunch of noble convicts with mamas & grandmas that hear about it.

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