Thursday, October 7, 2010

Texas pastor endorses David Melville in 4th District Race

Today David Melville, congressional candidate in Louisiana’s 4th District, accepted the endorsement of his campaign by Don Piper, minister and bestselling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven.
“I am honored and humbled to receive the support of a very good friend and fellow pastor,” Melville said. “Don’s story is one of hope and perseverance, and through his ministry, he has touched the lives of millions. I believe we could use more hope and kindness in our politics, and I hope to have the opportunity to represent the people of this district with positive leadership in Congress.”
“David has been a unifying force in churches and in this community,” said Piper. “Even though I’m a Republican, I didn’t hesitate in supporting him because we need to send someone with David’s heart to Washington. Congress has stopped working as it should, but we can get it back on the right track with people like David Melville.”
Piper, a native of Bossier City, lives in the Houston area.  Piper's book has been met with controversy from some who believe that what he went through was a 'near death' experience, and from others who claim he is a fraud.  Google the book if you are interested in more.
The first video is of a Piper appearance on The 700 Club, the other is more recent.


  1. I don't know much about Melville, but I haven't seen Fleming do anything to "divide" the churches.

    My first question for Melville would be this: "Who will you vote for for Speaker of The House?"

    One answer would immediately exclude him from my consideration.

    I'm not going to comment about Don Piper's endorsement, because that's his business. But, something tells me that anybody who has been to heaven already would not endorse anyone that would vote for a demon as Speaker.

    So, I'm figuring Melville would have to vote for a Republican, an Independent, or abstain.

  2. My guess is Melville, if elected, would have to vote for Nasty Pelousy, or he would end up being a pariah.

    Andy, maybe Melville did win he could try to exorcise the demons that have been possessing Pelousy. It must be spiritual and not physical, because a doctor (Fleming) couldn't figure out what crawled up her rear end.

    As far as Piper, I don't believe he's a fake. I've read the book Ninety Minutes in Heaven. It's kind of hard to call a guy a fake who was pronounced clinically dead by EMS personnel and moments later singing songs with another pastor.

  3. G.R., I'm not questioning Piper's story. I've read the book, too. And, I would not ever question one man's professed experience, unless it could be proven blatantly false. Like say, "I invented the internet," or "Love Story was written about me and Tipper."

    I will not question Don. It was Leonard Ravenhill that wrote, "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument."

    I'm just questioning whether Don knows that Melville would likely have to get in line behind the she-devil herself.

    Besides all that, Melville is not going to win...even if he did, he would be in the minority trying to work with a bunch of Republicans with a mandate to kick fanny, and forget the "working across the aisle" deal that has us in this mess we are in now (at least in part).


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