Friday, October 8, 2010

Over the top or on target?

Senator David Vitter's latest ad is raising some hackles in the immigrant community, with some saying that he is playing on racist stereotypes.
The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Louisiana is unhappy with the ad.
What do you think, over the top or right on target?


  1. Well, first of all, the obviously has many layers of editorial oversight. I quote " running a anti-immigration TV ad..."

    You're smart enough to pick out the glaring grammatical error. Then their premise is WRONG It is not "a" anti-immigration TV ad. It is about fence-jumping wetbacks...not legal immigrants.

    If what Vitter states about Melancon's votes is true, then it is not over the top at all. It is spot on.

    I don't think the problem on the border can be overstated. There is an all out war going on, and anyone that does anything other than try to strengthen the border, shut down benefits to illegals, or enforce current laws is not only not deserving of a seat in Congress...they should be forced to live in the hell of the crossfire, and foot the bill themselves.

  2. of course he's playing to nativist and racist sentiments. those are the only reasons to support closed borders.

    more soldiers, more fences and more restrictions on immigration are all bad for the economy, as well as being an insult to the idea of human liberty.

    see, e.g.

  3. Jim,

    After reading Wheeler's comments I am glad you have an equal opportunity blog and allow those with mental deficiencies a forum to voice their opinions.

  4. g.r.

    interesting that you offer only insults rather than reasons.


    look, i can play too!

  5. Wheeler. Don't you understand that with open borders most people who come here would be poor and would be put on the welfare role by the libs. They would have another voting block and would stay in power forever. This country may not survive one term of Obama and his cronies so several would surly bankrupt the country. You might want to be like Cuba but most people do not.

  6. Wheeler, you seem like a nice enough guy.

    But, would you please learn to use the SHIFT key on whatever device you use to access the internet?

    I have never seen you post a comment in anything other than lower case. People tend to not take seriously others that don't take the time to at least begin sentences with a capital letter.

    Are you a teacher?

  7. Ok Wheeler, I'll play your silly game and will give you reasons rather than insults, but I will challenge you to do the same and explain your stance, which you fail to do in your post.

    Anonymous at 6:54 stole most of my thunder, but I will expound what he said.

    Let's start with something like schools systems that basically rely on property taxes for their financial well being. Schools are mandated to have X amount of teachers for X amount of students. When you have a bunch of illegals who don't pay taxes, other than for the goods and services they purchase, aren't exactly contributing to the system.
    They send their kids to school and force the schools to pay for more teachers with tax dollars illegals didn't pay but from what I pay. How is that good for the economy.

    When illegals, who don't have insurance go to the doctor, they tend to either go to places like LSU Med Center on the taxpayer dime, yet they don't pay the same amount of taxes to support places like LSU Med Center. How is that good for the economy?

    They require the same amount of police and fire protection as the person who is a property owner who pays taxes, but the illegal pays no tax. How is that good for the economy? (As a side note more people, legal or illegal puts pressure on police and fire too boot).

    Then there is the wanting to place illegals on Social Security and Medicaid, which isn't paid through the taxes they don't pay. These are services I don't get or would qualify for, yet we are paying for illegals to get it. How is that good for the economy?

    And to address the statement of "being an insult to the idea of human liberty." Just when in hell is being denied access to a sovereign country because of illegal status an insult to the idea of human liberty? I can't wait to hear that one explained.

    Do you understand that we are a sovereign country and have every legal right to regulate how can and can't come in? Just go to Mexico, which I have been (along with other countries) and see how free you are to meander across their borders and take advantage of their political and social systems. When I was in Berlin in the late 70's and had I attempted to cross over into the east (not that I wanted to) through other than the legal way, I would have been dead before I crossed the line. Talk about insult to human liberties.

    My reasons could continue but I really don't have the time to write them out, nor do people have the time to ready them. But I could go on.

    I've explained my reasons. What are yours?

  8. Then you add the burden to the law enforcement, and penal system. In many States, illegal aliens make up major percentages of the population, and commit a huge percentage of crimes.

    Not to mention that not ONE has automobile insurance, and costs those of us that comply millions in what we must pay.

    "Human liberty" is a good thing. And I truly understand why anyone would want to live here instead of their hell hole of a country. But, there is a way. My neighborhood is becoming heavily brown. And, I have gotten to know on a personal level my neighbors.

    For the most part, they are fine people that did it the right way...through legal channels. They work hard, pay taxes, and many own their own businesses.

    They are not on the teet.

    But, there are many in my 'hood that call 911 about twice a month for a ride to the hospital. Here comes a fire truck, an EMS, and a thousand dollar bill to the taxpayer, just because they are cranking out ANOTHER welfare baby, and know that a free ride to LSU is available.

    This is not limited to illegals, of course. We've got home grown leeches, too. Wheeler's beloved liberal policies have raised a couple of generations of them.

    Wheeler, there is much that I agree with you about. Really, there is. But on this one, nah...

  9. I gather that while Wheeler may have problems with the shift key, the other folks have problems following the link to see the evidence he did provide, otherwise they wouldn't say he "failed to explain his stance."

  10. Anon @ 9:35,
    It's easy to copy and post links. I could do that all day long, because it doesn't take much effort. It's as easy as hiding behind anonynous.
    I would like to know what a person thinks in his own words, not some report that was written by someone else.
    When I was a young liberal, over 35 years ago I use toi cite the party line, then I started living in the real world and seeing reality and started thinking for myself. Yes, reading reports and articles shaped the way I think, and they are gooid for reference, but they don't speak for me.

  11. Anon at 9:35: I have zero problem following a link. I read the piece, and find it laughable.

    It takes into account none of the real life burdens imposed upon the taxpayer of the US by illegal immigrants. They are colossal! Just go down to El Paso. Visit any hospital, and find out how many millions of your dollars are spent annually just for labor & delivery services for illegal babies. I have a friend that worked in one such delivery room there, and I can assure you that it is overwhelming.

    And, that is just a tiny fraction of the burden. CATO does not live in the real world. Obviously.

    There is plenty of blame to be shared by both the left, and the right on this issue. But the "human liberty" strawman is just that. We will never be able to absorb every human that desires to live here. And, we will never be able to spread the type of freedom that prospers a nation around the globe.

    In fact, we're going to be lucky to hang on to what little we have left of it ourselves.

    Wheeler is just wrong. Vitter's ad does not play to nativist, and racist sentiments. It plays to common sense. Hell, a Mexican immigrant neighbor of mine that owns his own company has a Vitter for Senate sign in his yard. People of good sense, regardless of where they came from, know how detrimental unfettered immigration is.


  12. It's disgusting.
    Whatever the problems on the border, this ad does nothing to help.
    And, coming from David Vitter, it's actually a little laughable.

    Calling someone a "wetback" doesn't help things, either. That's as disgusting as the ad and says a lot about that poster.

  13. Anon at 12:21 today: I think that posting anonymously says quite a bit about you.

    I know that it is bad form to feed the trolls, but I'm in a foul mood, and will.

    Morder me, Anon! I live amongst the wetbacks. If that offends you, well, morder me.

    If your skin is so thin that you find a commercial like that "disgusting," well, you are a hopeless titty baby that must post anonymously because you are a titty baby that does not want anyone to know who you are.

    If you've got a problem with "wetback" as a term, I feel sorry for you. That is what the fence jumpers/Rio Grande swimmers are, and have always been.

    I have a great friend in San Ysidro, California that walked through the Rio with a baby held high above his head in 1982. I call him "wetback" all the time. And, it does not bother him. Ya' know why? Because he is not a titty baby...

    Jeepers...I just wasted good typing time feeding a troll...and an anonymous one at that...and a titty baby at that...


    Rex is gonna chastise me if he reads this.


  14. Dang Andy, next time you get a cold and I get a scandal on City Hall and don't want the heat, I'm sending it to you!!

  15. I'd be more than happy to oblige, Jimbo. I mean, you do all the heavy lifting, and that will wear on ya'. You need to learn to delegate responsibility.

    Just sayin'...


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